'Bob's Burgers' Lead Character Designer Dave Creek Dies in Skydiving Accident | 22 Words

The tragic news has reached us that Dave Creek, lead character designer for popular Fox sitcom Bob’s Burgers, has died...

The industry is in shock at his sudden passing...

And more details surrounding the circumstances of his death have since come to light.

After the news reached fans on social media...

Tributes have come pouring in and it's clear he's made his mark on fans of the popular animated sitcom.

Creek was a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from the California Institute of the Arts, class of 2005.

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Starting out his career as an adjunct professor there, teaching character animation and carrying out character workshops.

But perhaps his most impressive feat was becoming part of the Bob's Burgers team in 2011.

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The popular show created by Loren Bouchard centers on the Belcher family and their hamburger restaurant.

The star worked as a lead character designer for the show.

His animation credits also include Central Park, Brickleberry, and Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown.

Aside from animation, Creek had some other passions.

Including creating detailed treehouses around bonsai plants, a hobby that he frequently recorded on his blog.

Creek was also a keen skydiver...

And his Instagram account is full of recordings of his passion for the adrenaline-inducing sport.

Tragically, however, Creek was involved in a skydiving accident last weekend...

Before passing away from complications due to the accident on Thursday.

Bob’s Burgers and Fox have yet to issue an official statement on his heartbreaking death.

Though friends and colleagues have taken to social media to offer their condolences.

Rest in Peace, Dave.

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Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this incredibly difficult time. To read about the stars we sadly lost last year, scroll on.