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A body language expert has explained how red flags in the way Chris Watts was acting led to him being the prime suspect for the murder of his wife and 2 daughters and even outlined the exact moment he exposed all of his guilt...

New details about the horrifying murders of Shannan Watts and her 2 daughters have been exposed.

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And they reveal the exact moment that Chris Watts gave himself away.

A body language expert has gone into great detail to explain to us how he was never going to get away with it.

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Even though he thought he would...

We still can't get over it.

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Since its release on Netflix on September 30th, American Murder: The Family Next Door has both captivated and horrified audiences all around the world.

The documentary, with the use of Shanann's Facebook videos and police bodycam footage, delves into the story of the seemingly idyllic Watts family.

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From an outsider's perspective, Chris and Shanann Watts had it all - a large Colorado family home and two beautiful daughters - 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste.

However, behind closed doors...

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Things were far from perfect.

And, when a pregnant Shanann and her daughters suddenly went missing in August 2018...

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A disturbing series of lies, betrayals, and murder began to gradually unfold.

The alarm was first raised on August 13th, 2018, when Shanann's friend, Nickole Atkinson, rang the police saying she was concerned for her wellbeing.

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She had dropped Shanann home in the early hours of the morning after a business trip and hadn’t been able to get hold of her since. She noted also that Shanann had also missed an appointment.

The police quickly attended the Watts residence...

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Where they found no signs of foul play, but all of Shanann’s personal belongings, such as her wedding ring and cell phone. It was then that Shanann and her 2 daughters were officially declared as missing.

This is when things started to get suspicious.

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Chris Watts returned home and, at first, appeared to be the confused and lost husband, telling police he “didn’t know what to do" and appealing for information to do with his wife and daughters’ whereabouts.

However, his story kept changing.

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It didn't take long for the police to grow suspicious of Chris, and it was quickly revealed that he had been having a long-standing affair with a colleague from work.

Just 2 days after Shanann's and the girls' disappearances, Chris was made to sit a polygraph test...

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Which he promptly failed.

From this, Chris then confessed the truth to his father.

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He casually admitted to killing Shanann, who was pregnant with his unborn son at the time, as well as their 2 daughters.

At first, he tried to claim that Shanann had smothered her children upon finding out about his affair...

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And that he had killed her in a "fit of rage."

But months later, he would go on to retract this claim...

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Thus eventually admitting to smothering the girls himself, shortly after smothering their mother.

After more police probing, Chris eventually revealed that he had taken Shanann and the girls out to an Anadarko Petroleum site where he worked.

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There, he buried Shanann's body in a shallow grave before dumping his daughters in an oil rig which, in order to retrieve their bodies, police eventually had to drain.

In November that year, Chris pleaded guilty to a number of charges:

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5 counts of first-degree murder (including 2 additional counts for his daughters because they were children under twelve), one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy, and 3 counts of tampering with a deceased human body.

But even at this point, he still hadn’t told the true full story of what had happened that fateful day.

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He later told investigators that he and Shanann had argued over their relationship and his wish to leave her, so he had killed her. This woke his daughters, who asked what was going on. He then took Shanann’s body and the 2 girls to the oil site and killed the girls there.

Chris Watts is now serving 5 life sentences in prison...

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As well as eighty-four more years for his other crimes.

Since the documentary aired, people have been reeling at the harrowing details of the highly-publicized Watts case.

But now, we have some new insight...

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A body language expert recently posted a YouTube video in which he explained how Chris Watts slowly got to the point where he completely revealed his guilt to the police.

"Believing Bruce" has a YouTube channel where he dedicated an entire video to the issue.

His latest challenge determined the slip-ups that led to Chris becoming the prime suspect of his family's murders.

In his video, titled "What REALLY Gave Chris Watts Away," he outlined some important red flags.

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Right from the start, the murderer was displaying some seriously questionable behavioral patterns. "He knows he's guilty - when you're trying to lie you can't kid yourself you haven't done it. Although he thinks he's in control, as soon as he starts being asked questions he can't help but react," Bruce explains.

Right when the police first entered the house, he was giving himself away.

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Rather than seeming shocked or scared, he rushes over to shake the officer's hand? Weird. "He's trying to paint a picture - he says 'all the girls blankies are gone, they never go anywhere without them', that wasn't needed, the second part..."

And it only gets worse from there as Bruce explains.

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"There's also no emotion because he's trying to control everything in his brain. There are that many plates going on inside his head and that's why that energy that you would expect in that situation isn't there. "When Shan'ann's phone is found, he does something weird. He goes to pick it up and then stops himself. If I was the police officer I would spot this. Shan'ann's phone was her lifeline."

"He brings in Shan'ann's wedding ring in such a weird presentation."

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"It doesn't go with the situation. It's overdramatic. It's everything it shouldn't be. "Then they move into the neighbor's house, this is a dad of two young girls, he goes in and they have CCTV. The neighbor brings it up and he isn't even looking at it."

He's more worried about the fact that he knows he put the body in the car and could be caught right now...

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So he does something strange - He starts explaining why he parked the car the way he did. "He's answering a question that no one has asked. "When he leaves the neighbours they say 'it's not him, he doesn't act like this'. The policeman says he might be nervous but he's only just started behaving like this and it's because his neighbor knows he doesn't usually park his car there."

And even when the reporters were asking him questions outside, he seemed so unfazed.

"He says 'I just want them back' but he then smiles as if he's just told a joke in a bar. No one who isn't guilty would do this. He's also hugging himself, which shows he's just trying to protect himself."

Then we have the blunders in the interrogation room...

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He's asked, "before 2018 did you ever say anything in anger to a loved one". He at first says yes, and then quickly says no. Bruce explains: "We've all been annoyed and frustrated and said things we didn't want to. He must be the most angelic person to have never done that."

And don't forget that when he finished the polygraph test, he says "this feels uncomfortable."

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Bruce says: "This is where the police take control, and now he knows he's not in control. He's failed the polygraph, she tells him he hasn't passed the test and then 'I feel you're probably ready to talk about what happened'."

And this is the exact moment that he gives himself away...

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"Watts tries to give a response and the male investigator tells him to stop and tell him to breathe, to take a deep breath. Watts now knows he has nowhere to run and that's why he asks for his father." That one single breath made him the prime suspect, along with the results of the polygraph test.

Watch Bruce's full video here:

This case will go down in American history as one of the most heartbreaking, along with some other horrible crimes. Keep scrolling to find out more...