Body Language Expert Shares Secret Signs in Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Terrible’ Apology That Show It Was ‘Inauthentic’

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For the first time ever, Ellen DeGeneres directly addressed the toxic workplace allegations during the opening monologue of her show. But one body language expert has their doubts…

Ahead of the premiere of the eighteenth season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen spoke out on camera during the opening monologue of the episode, addressing the toxic workplace allegations.

Reactions came in strong, to say the least. Don’t worry, we’ve got the clip coming right up…

One body language has spoken out after hearing what she had to say, and they didn’t hold back.

The infamous host of The Ellen Show has been batting off accusation after accusation.

One small allegation can have things falling apart very quickly.

What started as a trickle of bad press, has become a flood.

Now, more than ever before, people are starting to turn against the star as detrimental stories continue to resurface.

With BTS secrets of diva behavior, poor treatment of staff, and even more serious allegations have come to the surface.

Apart from her fans, that is.

Ellen’s ratings are dropping as the world decides they can no longer back the star.

Well, many fans are looking back over the series and asking the very same questions.

Ellen has always been problematic!

And be warned – they make for some pretty uncomfortable viewing.

Which has been pretty horrific over the years.

Which Ellen has found oddly hilarious over the years.

Offering to teach her new words and claiming her English had gotten “better.”

Not a good look, Ellen.


Something a fan sent to her.

Alongside her wife Portia de Rossi.

Ellen brutally mocks it, instead.

“Ellen Reviews Fans’ Really Bad Gifts.”

Not cool, Ellen.

An uncomfortable vid has surfaced of her being incredibly unprofessional to a translator.

This really is not good.

And she’s done it time and time again.

When she pulled up old embarrassing Facebook pictures of a guest in front of a huge live audience.

She was interviewed on the show in the midst of some big pregnancy rumors.

And she did it in the worst way possible…

It seems she just can’t resist mocking her guests.

As the old adage goes, if you haven’t got anything nice to say …

It seems Ellen just has no sense of good manners at all.

Who would say something like this?

And these came with a side of hypocrisy, too.

While, all the while, Ellen herself has a conventionally male haircut. What?

With the entire awkward encounter.

Even when it’s not that funny…

Including Lady Gaga.

While Gaga looks visibly uncomfortable…

That went to Drew Barrymore, who has been open about her lifelong struggles with addiction.

Just a terrible, terrible joke to make.

Ellen truly does come across as deeply unappreciative of her fans.

The interview that started it all.


Ellen has made the decision to address the situation to her fans.

The footage was initially posted on YouTube, and then later on Twitter before being shown on the show that evening.

“As you may have heard, this summer there were allegations of a toxic work environment at our show and then there was an investigation. I learned that things happened here that never should have happened.”

“I take that very seriously and I want to say I am so sorry to the people who were affected. I know that I’m in a position of privilege and power and I realized that with that comes responsibility, and I take responsibility for what happens at my show.”

“We have had a lot of conversations over the last few weeks about the show, our workplace, and what we want for the future. We have made the necessary changes and today we are starting a new chapter.”

“And here’s how that happened: I started saying, ‘be kind to one another’ after a young man named Tyler Clementi took his own life after being bullied for being gay. “I thought the world needed more kindness and it was a reminder that we all needed that, and I think we need it more than ever right now.”

“Being known as the ‘be kind’ lady is a tricky position to be in. So let me give you some advice out there if anybody’s thinking of changing their title or giving yourself a nickname, do not go with the ‘be kind’ lady. Don’t do it.”

“The truth is I am that person that you see on TV. I am also a lot of other things. Sometimes I get sad, I get mad, I get anxious, I get frustrated, I get impatient, and I am working on all of that.”

Her statement comes after Warner Bros. Television announced that 3 senior producers had exited The Ellen DeGeneres Show after an investigation.

The show has reportedly been investigated following allegations of racism and sexual misconduct in 2 BuzzFeed News articles, in which past and present employees of the show claimed they faced racism, fear, and intimidation.  

And many still weren’t happy with the star.

Will she change?

And they had a lot to say on the matter.

He explained, “She was joking and trying to keep things jolly but her hand actions give you all you need to know about what was going on inside her head and if she has actually done any of the stuff that has been reported.”

“You would expect someone in her position to be a bit self-absorbed, anyone in the top position has to have a bit of that about them.”

“She’s trying to be jovial but she’s very aware of the downside about getting that wrong but why would she be bothered about it if she hasn’t done the things she’s accused of?”

“She’s trying to block out that negative experience for her. There’s repitition of the eye block when she’s talking about the toxic atmosphere at the show.”

“I think it would be more authentic and believable if you name it, forget about the jokes and trying to make people laugh, and just name the issue her.”

“She’s trying to use humor as a tool to bring us back on board.”

“What other narratives have gone on behind the scenes? Is she trying to protect that image?”

“It’s a big indicator that she feels really uncomfortable.”

“She’s trying to scale that up while what’s going on with her show is small and fluffy.”

“It was terrible and there’s enough […] to say that Ellen knows a whole load more and more about what went on behind the scenes but is saying ‘we’ve talked about it now so let’s move on’.”

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