Bodybuilder Sparks Outrage With His Controversial Tinder bio

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Tinder is hardly ever a source of heartwarming stories that will restore people’s faith in humanity. In fact, the quick-swipe dating app is often a place wherein you’ll discover the worst in people – creepy unwanted comments, bizarre displays of aggression, it’s all there. If you’re looking for a reliably positive interaction, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

But one particular profile has sparked outrage this weekend as one man set his three strict “rules” for his potential dates. Many have branded the man’s profile as “trash” – and some even see it as being emblematic of the issues with Tinder and other dating apps.

The profile’s “rules” aren’t the only thing that some have taken issue with, though. The rest of his profile information (plus his bizarre choice of photos) truly has to be seen to be believed, and the internet has offered some truly excellent responses. Keep reading to find out more!

It worked on a location-based search, finding available singles with the app in your immediate area. Tinder hugely streamlined the way we date.

It keeps the information that you can provide to a minimum and makes the process super visual. Based on whether someone likes what they see, they can swipe either right or left, yes or no.

Some have criticized the way that Tinder is set up as it makes dating feel more like a game than a way to initiate real human interaction.

We imagine this would give us a major self-esteem boost. It’s probably all quite addictive.

The seemingly endless swiping process has totally changed the way that we date – both online and in real life.

It now seems that simply approaching people IRL is off the table, and all flirting has to take place within the confines of an app.

Many people on Tinder feel safely hidden behind their profile and they think that they can get away with things that they’d never do in the real world.

Many feel less inhibited through their screens than they do when actually speaking to someone, which can lead to some fairly cringe-worthy interactions.

It reduces people’s entire selves down to a few pictures and a couple of sentences. This can make Tinder seem like a pretty superficial way to judge whether you “like” someone or not.

The lack of emotional connection and values can make Tinder seem quite shallow. It also seems to bring out the vain and judgemental sides of its users.

In fact, many on the internet now look to Tinder as the place to view the worst of humanity.

The gap between dating expectations and the reality of what typically goes down on Tinder can make you despair a little for romance.

If you aren’t into constantly being pestered for – and with – nudes, online dating might be best avoided.

It’s also about how we interact with one another. The idea that people are a kind of commodity in the realm of mobile-dating can be a little bit frightening when you think about it.

In fact, some are a little fearful of the impact that these types of dating apps could end up having on the way that we interact with one another.

It seems to encapsulate the many things that are wrong with Tinder all in one go – which is actually quite impressive, in a really depressing way…

His picture alone is pretty problematic. That’s a really bizarre lack of clothing… But, honestly, it gets so much worse.

Indeed, it does seem a strange way to try to get others to like you. Generally, if you wouldn’t do it in the street, don’t do it on Tinder.

It’s the content of this Tinder profile that has really got the internet talking. Poorly chosen photos are pretty common on the app, but this guy’s dating “rules” are what really made the profile stand out.

There’s a lot to unpack here – and the internet did a great job at pointing out the (many) areas in which this guy is being, quite simply, the worst.

And, when it comes to Tinder, that’s a particularly impressive accolade. From racism to sexism, this profile really has it all.

She posted both the Tinder-user’s image and his horrific profile details, claiming it had totally “put [her] off dating.”

And we can’t blame them! It has to be one of the strangest profile pics we’ve ever seen. He somehow manages to be naked and clothed at the same time. It’s making us feel a little uncomfortable…

People couldn’t figure out whether he had strange taste in interior design or had decided to get semi-naked in public. To be honest, neither is particularly great.

While it’s likely that he intended his “good luck” message to mean that he’s pretty picky when it comes to Tinder matches, many saw it more as a warning.

We were wondering the same thing…

It’s a handy reference point for all the things that people do wrong on Tinder, plus it’s a shining guide to how to act like total trash.

While this guy is clearly not a particularly great human, it’s the landscape of Tinder that makes people think that this sort of behaviour is normal or acceptable.

Many thought the phrase “toxic masculinity” sprang to mind upon reading this gross profile – and felt the need to distance themselves from his views.

We’re just curious as to whether this guy has ever found a match through the app – and we wonder what his response would be to the online roasting he’s received…