Margaret Nolan has died aged seventy-six. Fans and stars alike are shocked by the heartbreaking news and have taken to social media to post their fond memories of the beloved actress...

Margaret Nolan has died at the age of seventy-six...

Hundreds of fans and fellow stars have written heartfelt tributes to the actress...

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Margaret was born on October 29, 1943, in Somerset and grew up in London.

She began her career as a glamour model, changing her name to Vicky Kennedy in the early 60s, but once she began acting, she changed her name back.

The actress was most recognized for her appearance in the iconic 007 film Goldfinger, where she danced in gold during the end credits.

As well as starring in the 007 film, Margaret was also known for her role in the Beatles' Hard Day's Night movie and Carry On films.

Her death was also confirmed by director Edgar Wright on Twitter, who said...

"It's my sad duty to report that actress and artist, the magnificent Margaret Nolan has passed away."

"She was the middle of Venn diagram of everything cool in the '60s, having appeared with The Beatles, been beyond iconic in Bond and been part of the Carry On cast too."

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"She was the gold-painted model in the iconic Goldfinger title sequence and poster (she also played Dink in the movie), she appeared in the classic A Hard Day's Night, Carry On Girls, No Sex Please We're British and many others, frequently sending up her own glamourpuss image."

Closing, he added: "I worked with her last year as she plays a small role in Last Night In Soho. She was so funny, sharp, and, as you might imagine, full of the most amazing stories. I'm so glad I got to know her."

"My heart goes out to her family and all that loved her. She will be much missed."

After taking a break from acting in the 1980s, she made a return in 2011 as Dame Magaret in Yvonne Deutschman's The Power of Three.

She was then cast in Wright's Last Night in Soho.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by her son Oscar Deeks who said she passed away on October 5...

Her cause of death is yet to be announced. RIP. Keep scrolling for more stars we've tragically lost this year...