We all love a dark and deep thriller book, but sometimes it's nice to read something a little lighter, and what better way to do that than indulge yourself in a book that will make you laugh? This book of Judgemental Maps that mocks every single city in the U.S is just what you need to add some extra laughter in your life...

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The book of Judgemental Map. Your City. Judged is an offensive yet witty book of maps of America's greatest cities in all their "brutally honest glory."


And it's so funny, it will make you laugh out loud while probably making you scoff at the same time.

The book provides readers with a view of different cities and is so brutally honest that no one else would dare repeat it.

The maps aren't like anything you might find on Google Maps. In fact, you could say they are a little more detailed than that....

This map of Texas won't tell you where to find the local grocery store...

But it will tell you where you can find the "kids with Teslas," the "soccer moms with Range Rovers" and the "Texas autobahn."

And the map of Seattle gets even worse (or better depending on what you think of the concept!)

It points out the areas you might find "UW students and vegan biker gangs," "tourists" and the "pretentious art colony."

It even highlights areas of "money," "muggings" and "stabbing and gunshots," just in case you were wondering.

Other cities that were mocked in the book include Portland for its "depressing apartment complex" and "suburban hellscape" and Mississippi for its "generally shi**y area."

Even Alabama with its "paper mill stench" and "rich people with lake house" makes an appearance.

Customers have described the book as "hilarious but important" and also a "great talking point" but they warn, it is not for someone "who is easily offended."

Leaving a 5-star review, one customer wrote: "My dad has everything! Did not want or need anything for Christmas... then Amazon actually suggested this as a gift for my dad and I thought, what the heck, and bought it. It was a hit!! We sat around Christmas looking up different cities and locations laughing at how accurate it was! A few family members even asked for the link so they could buy one! My dad is an avid reader but this was something he could just skim through and keep on the coffee table for laughs. I recommend!!"

So, if your looking to buy someone a gift or would just like a laugh yourself...

This book of Judgement Maps is just what you need. Buy yours here.