Border Chief Dismisses Crying 11-Year-Old After ICE Arrested Her Parents

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The current state of America seems to be deteriorating as we speak. In the wake of back-to-back mass shootings, the country is still grieving the loss of over thirty-one lives, but it seems as if the Trump administration is over it. It’s back to business as usual, as the government ordered a raid on undocumented immigrants in the state of Mississipi, removing over 600, primarily Mexican, people from the area.

However, they claim that the ICE raid occurred at an “unfortunate” time after a terrorist had shot and killed twenty-two people in a Walmart in El Paso. Keep scrolling to see the heartbreaking video of the eleven-year-old girl pleading with the government to let her father go and the border chief’s cold reaction towards it…

A twenty-one-year-old shooter opened fire on a crowd in Walmart with an assault-style rifle, killing twenty-two people and injuring a further twenty-seven.

This was his response to what he described as a “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” In a lengthy document, the shooter outlined his racist views claiming that he was against “cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by invasion.”

The shooter was inspired by the terrorist in New Zeland that videoed and live-streamed the entire slaughter across social media platforms in order to show people what he was capable of.

The state, as well as the country, was left devastated by this horrific mass shooting in El Paso, but it seems as if the president and his team are well and truly over it.

Just hours away from El Paso, in Mississippi, officials were carrying out the process of removing undocumented immigrants, primarily from Mexican descent, from the state.

They targeted seven food processing plants, where workers were arrested and detained and are awaiting their fate.

Hispanic people up and down the country were left terrified after they were targeted by this terrorist. A place that they thought was going to be the land in which they could fulfill their dreams is slowly becoming their worst nightmare.

I can almost hear the bigots in the back shouting about that they “should have never come here illegally in the first place.” Statements like that can only come from the mouths of those who have never been oppressed. Imagine being trapped in a warzone where you and your children can be killed at any given moment – you’d do anything to bring about safety for your family, even if that means dragging yourself across that dreaded border.

The reason that America is slowly falling into this pit is because we seem to lack basic human emotions such as compassion and empathy. Instead, we’re so caught up in the political aspect of every statement that we make, that we forget that there are more important things.

It’s such a coincidence, don’t you think, that on the day that the president was going to visit the victims of the El Paso shooting, there was also the largest single-state immigration raid in U.S. history taking place in Mississippi? Did you think we wouldn’t notice, Mr. President? You have to be pretty damn heartless in order to defend these actions.

On their first day back at school, children, who were waiting for their parents to come and pick them up, had the news broken to them that their parents had been arrested and taken away by ICE.

In an emotional plea, the young girl with tears streaming down her face tries to make a case for her dad, who was one of the 700 affected by the raids in Mississippi.

In the video, she sobs and asks the government to show some kindness by releasing her parents. She also tells them that Hispanic people “didn’t steal nothin,'” probably referring to the disgusting stereotypes hurled towards the community.

Parents have been separated from children and are being held in “detention centers” all over the country while they await their fate, with no idea if they will ever be able to reunite with them before they are deported.

On CNN, Mark Morgan, border chief, expressed that the video was purposefully “emotional” to paint a certain kind of picture, but “her father committed a crime” so necessary actions must be taken in order to rectify this.

But there was no indication as to where her father was or how long it was going to be until she would see him again.

And there seems to be one opinion that’s sweeping the majority. None of the employers, who had illegally hired these undocumented citizens, were reprimanded for their actions, just the ones who were exploited. A classic scenario.

It truly is disgusting.

But it seems as if that’s all the president is worried about. On countless occasions, the president has been asked if he plans on tightening the laws around gun control in order to avoid events such as the El Paso shooting from occurring as frequently as they have been doing. But there seems to be no indication that he will even speak about the issue.

Because that seems like a problem with literally no solutions. There are so many humanitarian laws being violated, but no one bats an eyelid because the president’s tactics seem to be working. We’re all fearful of one another. We’re all divided. And we demonize those who are advocating for change.

It’s no secret that video games are violent, but, that being said, studies have disproven the theory that they breed mass shooters.

The heat must really be getting to him if the only thing that he could tweet after back-to-back mass shootings is a quote expressing that Obama got a “free pass,” during his time in office. Thanks for that, Mr. President, nice to see you’ve got a soul.

After preaching so much hate and publicly demonizing minority groups, I don’t understand why people are looking to the heavens for answers as to why there is a sudden rise in mass shootings throughout the country.

Here, he is smiling with a “thumbs up” next to a baby who is now an orphan because both the child’s parents were shot and killed at the hands of the El Paso shooter. Are there any lines that this president won’t cross? If projection polls are correct and he wins yet another term in office, we’re surely doomed.

Let’s hope that we can change the country for the better. To read a little more about the poor two-month-old baby who lost his parents to the El Paso shooter, keep reading. His parents saved his life in an incredible act of bravery.