19 Bosses Reveal the Crazy Things Their Employees Did to Get Themselves Fired

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Have you ever been fired in a spectacular fashion? Then maybe you’re on this list…

The managers of the world took to Reddit to share their craziest stories of their employees getting fired.

This thread will have you screaming, “Why do people do what they do?”

Had an employee named Ernie call in Monday morning saying his dad died over the weekend. I told to take all the time he needed. Tuesday was the viewing, Wednesday was the funeral. Who shows up Wednesday….. Ernie’s dad… Ernie forgot his lunch. True story.kathysef

I wasn’t the manager, but years ago when I worked at Home Depot, a couple idiots got fired for conducting a transaction involving a bag of weed (one buying it from the other) inside the store. Instead of, you know, going outside to the huge vacant lot next to the store.Eroe777

I work for an insurance company. One of our sales agents told a guy “Hey, go f**k yourself” when the guy told him he didn’t want to pay whatever his premium quote was. He got fired and walked out. My company is really cool in that we aren’t scripted, but we do draw the line at swearing at policy holders (DUH).alicatchrist

Worked at a Country Club. Huge outing with hundreds of people. One of the caddies gets in a fight with another caddie and yells “I’ma cut you bitch!” and pulls out a blade. That was his last loop.UnappreciatedComment

My company put people up in hotel rooms when it was snowing pretty badly. With of course the expectation you would work the following day cause they knew it would be busy. One guy was somehow angry about that and decided to take a poo in his hotel rooms bathroom sink. He got fired and we got banned from the hotel.Couragetrampstamp

During induction on day one, each new hire had to spend some time with every department to see what they did. New employee was more interested in talking about the problems she had with her son than learning about work. Turns out the bottle of sprite she had been swigging from all day contained more gin than sprite.never_doing_that

Restaurant GM came with the idea to have employees do an anonymous survey. Most replies were about how much the GM was a bully. Fired… his own idea got him fired. That and he was a power hungry f**k-chop.themarshman721

My supervisor punched another manager because he forgot to process his fantasy football transfer requests in time. My workload increased considerably that day. Fun times.CapstickWentHome

One guy was late 23 F**KING TIMES IN A 2 MONTH PERIOD. Hadn’t even been there a full 3 months. Instead of firing him, management suspended him for a week. This idiot calls corporate and tells them that he’s been treated unfairly so the store manager and his department manager have to have a meeting with him and he shows up 15 minutes late to the meeting. When he finally showed up they just fired himbloodredsky

Sold his company laptop with all our source code to a pawn shop in Vegas during a convention for drug money.ReshKayden

I worked in a cinema and there was this student who helped out as a projectionist during his time off school. Apparently, he used to sneak his friends inside the projection room so they could watch the movie for free from there. One day, he called in sick but his friends came anyway, and because the guy wasn’t at work, they simply asked his boss if they can watch the movie upstairs again. Our boss called and fired him while his friends were still standing in front of us.CR1986

Young guy on his first day left during his 20 minute break and didn’t come back until almost 3 hours later. When questioned he said “my friends invited me to breakfast” so he went out to a restaurant to have breakfast with them and came back to work after. He was told he can’t do that you only get 20 minutes he said oh sorry this is my first job I’ve ever had. Next day he disappears after first break again and comes back about 2-3 hours later and says he went out for breakfast with his friends again like it was no big deal. Fired on the spot.squanchy_91

omg yes. Was in the army as my first job. First day at my unit. After PT ends (8 am) my Sgt tells me that there is a meeting upstairs at 10 don’t be late now go to breakfast. Well, I assumed that meant meet up there at 10. At 9:25 ish I start getting texts and calls from him. I answered and he was like where the f**k are you? I told him you said we have a meeting at 10. Apparently, he neglected to tell me that everybody has to be in the company area by 9:30 no matter what we’re doing that day. Luckily he was understanding and didn’t rip my balls off that day.EpicBlinkstrike187

Openly did coke at a company party. No one cares if you do coke, just go to the bathroom so we have plausible deniability._MELONF**KER

At a small startup, we found that one of our junior developers had a Twitter account where he tweeted all day long about how much the company sucked and how unfair it was that we were making him fix bugs in the software. Found the account at 5 pm and he was s**tcanned before he could even make it back into the office the next morning.TooManyKittiesInHere

A girl in the gas station I work at was fired for punching a customer who was trying to steal a Snickers. She made up this bullshit story about how he spit on her or something but the cameras caught everything. Apparently, he was an older man on crutches. The CEO of the company got the video and she was fired instantly.TommyRiot

I worked at a tourist attraction and we had a small shop that made and sold fudge. Well one of the girls that worked in fudge stole a whole duffel bag of fudge. She was fired the next morning.drifterwood16

Summer job when I was in high school, I was a lifeguard at a country club. Some hotshot all-state swimmer worked with me and acted like he owned the place. He never did anything other than check out the women who came to the pool. We guarded on rotation and it was now his turn to be in the high chair. Not too long after, a little girl almost drowned cause Phelps up there fell asleep. Fired immediately.Reudo95

Had an EMT get fired for making out with a psych patient. Fired for Misconduct. Chart everything buckaroos.bobbymcpresscot