We are doing our small part by sharing stories of people who spread joy and love in the hope that these examples will inspire you to do the same. We could all use more brightness in our lives, just like the people in this article.

So prepare to read some of the most heartwarming stories on the internet including the most recent viral sensation which showed us that sometimes, a hug can make an entire situation better. A child with Down's syndrome took it upon himself to comfort his classmate who has autism as he was overwhelmed in class.

Keep scrolling for the tear-jerking video...

29. Playing the ukulele.

Sometimes you don't know if your music is disturbing to your neighbors. This is the best possible note you can get about your neighbors hearing you play.

28. The last note.

Ugh, I'm not crying, you're crying. OK, we're both crying. Give me a hug, I can't take this.

27. The mystery dollar.

Honestly, if this were me, I'd think this was adorable but I'd also be sort of relieved that I wasn't going nuts.

26. Six years later.

from aww
Oh gosh, I just love love. And all the happiness that love brings. They're getting married in the place that they first met. Ugh, too cute.

25. Quokkas Island.

Um, where is this island? I want to go to there.

24. Best nurse ever.

Well, this is just about the best story I have ever heard. He went back to work in the hospital that saved him and met the nurse who cared for him as a baby!

23. Grandma's birthday party.

from funny
Oh gosh, my goal in life is to be a regular somewhere where they all know my name and throw me parties when it's my birthday. I love this.

22. Richard. That's it. Richard.

Richard pulled an old elementary school trick and gave Valentine's to everyone in the class! Love this so much.

21. Stop and search.

Look, he might be a professional dog that sniffs out drugs, but at the end of the day he's just a dog who wants a milkbone.

20. Kiddie Friends.

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Little kid friendship is the purest form of friendship. No egos, no competition. Just pure love.

19. Best friends forever.

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Well these two are just precious and perfect for each other. This is why you always have a dog when you have a baby, and vice versa.

18. Relationship goals.

This is so cute. Dad looks so guilty, caught red-handed doing something so nice for Mom!

17. Victor's Pizzeria.

Victor totally deserves having the pizza place on campus named after him after working there for years! What an awesome thing.

16. The peach tree.

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Well this just seems like a story out of a children's book or something. It doesn't get cuter than this. The peach tree is their everlasting and growing love!

15. Love notes.

I'm not going to lie β€” this one made me tear up a little. Never underestimate the power of an honest and beautiful love note.

14. Seventy years later.

from aww
They've been married for 70 years and they're still going strong and they have smiles on their faces! Can't beat that.

13. 1975.

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If you have a partner who looks at you this way, and you look at them this way, keep them. That's the good stuff.

12. Go Willie!

I don't know who Willie is, but he deserves all the praise in the world! I sincerely hope he volunteered his services after he saw the message on the back of the truck.

11. Terry the volunteer.

Terry is a beautiful human who likes to brush and nap with cats. We could all stand to be a little more like Terry.

10. There is no "I" in team.

This is amazing. Watching people support each other in tough times is everything we need to see.

9. Our son.

from india
This supportive family was so thrilled when homosexuality was decriminalized in India a few months ago.

8. Giant zucchini.

This is the most impressive zucchini I have ever seen β€” this adorable grandfather has every right to flaunt it for the entire Internet to see.

7. Daddy-daughter dance.

Look at that smile on her face! She is so thrilled to be there!

6. Buddy's weight loss.

from aww
It never occurred to me that elderly people aren't able to walk their dogs properly. This person is a saint, and Buddy looks fantastic!

5. Damaged puppy.

Engelbert is one lucky little chihuahua, and judging from his face in this photo, he knows it.

4. Self-owned.

I love this story so much. I particularly love that everyone in this town went along with this guy who signed the rights to the tree over to itself. They're like "Welp, the tree owns itself!"

3. It's the simple things...

I cannot tell you how big an encourager I am of hiding notes all over for your loved ones to find. It's amazing.

2. It still works!

This hilarious baby reveal is amazing!

1. A helping hug.

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And the latest heartwarming video from Mexico shows a little boy with Down's syndrome who took it upon himself to comfort his autistic classmate who was overwhelmed.

Here's the video:

It was filmed by a teacher and has received over eighteen million views. At one point, you can see the young boy even try wiping the tears away from the distressed child's face before reaching over to hug him.

This is the content we needed.

People all over the world have been touched by the selfless act and decided to share their own stories about how difficult it is to be considered "different" in schools. We hope both of these 2 sweethearts stay besties!