Mom Shares Heartbreaking Photo of Son in Tears After He Was Bullied for His Halloween Costume

Remember the days when you got to dress up as your idol? Whether it was World Book Day or Halloween, it was always an exciting time, right?

Well, this 10-year-old boy did exactly that, but unfortunately, he got bullied for it…

A 10-year-old school boy named Evan dressed up as one of his favorite characters for Halloween, Iron Man.

However, he got bullied for it by his peers.

I don’t know about you, but my idols growing up have always been the likes of Iron Man and the rest of his Avengers clan, and I wasn’t about to let anyone tell me any different.

But it’s hard because people can be mean…

Comments made by a bunch of other kids left this poor, sweet boy crying on the phone to his mom.

In a Facebook post, Evan’s mom Jill Struckman, forty-five, took a picture of her little boy in the back of her car…

“Got a call from Evan at school twenty minutes after he left on the bus,” she explained in the post.

The worst part about the call? The kids who made Evan cry weren’t even wearing costumes.

Continuing on, Jill wrote: “Apparently some kids on the bus (who weren’t even wearing costumes) told him he looked stupid. Evan got to school and immediately went to the bathroom and washed his face.”

“Here’s what my little Tony Stark looks like now. We both have swollen eyes from crying and are on our way to try to find ice cream,” she continued.

And the mom finished by saying that: “Kids need to understand that WORDS hurt.”

But in the end, the little man stood up to his rivals, and showed up to his party.

After an emotional talk with his mom at Starbucks, Evan made the more than brave decision to show up to his party, having a wonderful time, as per Today.

And, following Tony Stark’s wise words: “Following’s not really my style,” he really did show up with a whole lot of confidence.

What a wonderful moment for him.

And Jill also told the outlet that “he was a little scared walking back into school, but he had a great rest of the day.

“And he was so proud of himself. It was absolutely a defining moment in his life. If he hadn’t gone back, it would have broken his spirit,” she finished.

So, despite his bullies, there were so many other people who approved of his Halloween ‘fit!

“The costume is perfect. Keep your head high Evan, I mean Mr, Stark,” one person said underneath the mom’s post.

And another person wrote: “What a lucky Mom you are, riding with Tony Stark!! Evan, don’t let those self-conscious Bullies get into your head. Bullies are insecure people who are not satisfied with themselves. You are the Best!!”

The love just kept on coming…

“You look smart as hell dude haters gonna hate,” wrote another.

#TeamDowney,” another supporter voiced.

And we think you looked awesome too, Evan!

Who knows, maybe you’ll be hearing from Tony Stark himself one day, too. That’ll show them kids.