'Boy Meets World' Cast Members Accused of Racism on Set in Series of Resurfaced Tweets | 22 Words

Even with the awareness of black stereotypes in the media, the TV industry is still a million miles away from tackling these issues.

This is what made actress Trina McGee, who famously played Angela Moore in the hit sit-com, Boy Meets World, speak up about her own struggles.

Keep scrolling for the resurfaced tweets, and her castmates' response...

Racism is still a problem in this day and age.

You'd have thought that perhaps by the twenty-first century, people wouldn't be getting so uptight about skin color.

Well, you're wrong.

One US survey reported that 15.8% of students experience race-based bullying or harassment.

Students shouldn't have to worry about being bullied or harassed due to their skin color.

On top of everything else they have to worry about at that age. Research has found significant associations between racial bullying and negative mental and physical health in students.

And it's not just a problem in the playground...

One US study found that job resumes with traditionally white-sounding names received 50% more callbacks than those with traditionally black names.

Things need to change.

In the US, black workers are less likely than white workers to be employed in a job that is consistent with their level of education.

Racism is found even in the most unlikely places.

The TV industry isn't the inclusive, all-embracing production they'd like you to believe.

Many celebrities have come forward to share their painful stories.

While seemingly not as bad as a few decades ago, racism in the mass media has found better ways of anonymously falling through the cracks.

There have been significant strides towards equality in American society.

But it seems this ideation hasn't fully weaved its way through American society as a whole.

Even blatant stereotypes can be seen in TV and film that make you question if anything is really changing.

The problem lies with minorities either being over-represented by liberal ideologies, or underrepresented entirely.

Research found that in prime-time television between the years 1955 to 1986...

Only 6 percent of the characters were African-Americans, while 89 percent of the TV population was white.

It didn't stop there...

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Among these African-American characters, 19 percent lacked a high school diploma and 47 percent were low in economic status.

The TV industry has been called out many times.

To this day, black men are often portrayed as scary or angry and black women as loudmouthed and sassy. If a movie features one token black character, it's likely to be the black best friend. And, if people die in a movie, the black character is still likely to go first.

However, you wouldn't have expected this TV show to be called out...

Everyone knows the sitcom Boy Meets World. The show chronicles the everyday events of Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), as he learns to navigate life alongside his friends, family, and trusted teacher, Mr. Feeny.

Sadly it's come to the spotlight that the actors didn't seem to learn from their characters in the show when it came to racism.

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A few months ago, actress Trina McGee-Davis went public with allegations of racism, verbal abuse, and downright ugliness during her 3 years on set.

She joined the show in Season 5, as a love interest for Rider Strong's, Shawn Hunter.

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While the show radiated family and love with the cameras rolling, it wasn't all as it seemed.

She alleges she was called "Aunt Jemima" on set, a "bitter bitch" and, "told 'it was nice of you to join us' like a stranger after 60 episodes."

After fans repeatedly asked her to name names, Trina admitted that the culprits were "the ones included on the poster." With the most iconic poster featuring; Ben Savage, Fishel, Strong, and Will Friedle.

However, she did emphasize that she had nothing but positive experiences with the crew on the set.

She tweeted: "At times the tension of the disrespect was extremely stressful. 25 yrs old at the time raising a family and did not deserve to be thinking about this. None of those three colleagues had children. Just cowardly egos and hot diarrhea mouths."

Fans quickly latched onto the names she hinted at.

Branding Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, and Will Friedle as the likely culprits of her allegations, even though Trina never specified.

All though it was pretty clear who was involved.

When AceShowBiz covered the story, they showed a tweet from Trina that reads: "They should be a light and own up to it. Sad and sick behavior." In it, she tagged Danielle Fishel, Savage, and Friedle as well.

Several times she made comments to the fact that she would like the 3 unspecified actors to come forward.

But alas, they haven't. The TV industry should be held accountable for letting acts of any form of abuse happen in their vicinity. There's still a long way to go. Keep scrolling to learn about the racist sign that recently appeared in a Chinese McDonald's. Its message is outrageous...