Boy Sends Christmas Box to Anonymous Girl in the Philippines, 14 Years Later He Marries Her

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At a time of year when everyone’s busy rushing around shopping for Christmas gifts, giving back to those in need is more important than ever. But one story of Christmas charity has a rather unexpected ending…


When Tyrell Wolfe from Idaho was a kid, he used to take part in Samaritan’s Purse.

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In the year 2000, he created a box for a young girl from the Philippines, and sent it off with a photograph of himself attached.


He didn’t think much of the kind gesture …

But what happened next was truly bizarre!


The gifts were received by a young girl named Joana.

And it clearly touched her heart. Years later, Joana decided to look Tyrel up on Facebook.

The two became Facebook friends, and then real friends – and slowly, romance blossomed!


And when the pair met up in person, the feeling grew.

Eventually, the pair married and now even share a child together – all thanks to the magic of the Christmas gift box!


Though, rather than a coincidence, the pair actually believe it was destiny that brought the soulmates together.

You can learn about their incredible story right here.

Happy holidays to all!