TikTok Girl Finds Out Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her after Restaurant Accidentally Exposes Him

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A TikToker became so convinced that her boyfriend was cheating that she decided to catch him in the act.

And let’s just say, her method was a little unorthodox…

There’s nothing worse than a secret suspicion.

Feeling like someone’s trying to hide something from you has to be up there as one of the most irritating feelings in the world.

Every little thing that you discover seems to serve as irrefutable proof that you are totally right!

Undertaking a personal investigation can sometimes seem like the only way to get to the bottom of your theory.

The person that you feel the closest to is the person that you’d usually turn to in a time like this, but if they’re the one that you’re feeling distrustful of, it can be difficult to know what to do.

It’s got to be unfaithfulness. The fear that your partner has had their attention caught by another is many people’s worst nightmare.

With an abundance of ways to see and get into contact with ridiculously attractive people (sure, sometimes it’s down to facetune, but who’s to know?), it seems like it’s harder than ever to maintain an honest relationship.

How would you feel if your significant other was liking a lot of Instagram thirst-traps? It’s hard to deny that it would hurt your feelings.

But if you see something that you don’t like, it seems like it’s a natural instinct to prove that you’re not wrong, that you’re not being distrustful for no reason.

That’s where the scheming starts…

And the story that came to light this week is one crazy rollercoaster of events.

Felicia Burzotta had a gut feeling that her boyfriend was cheating…

And was able to trick restaurant staff into doing some sleuthing for her.

The woman took to TikTok to explain her story…

And it quickly went viral, gaining more than 3.6 million views.

She was applauded for her ingenuity…

Safe to say, reactions were strong…

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In it, she wrote: “When he said he was going to dinner with the boys but I thought he was lying so I called the restaurant he was at and I pretended I was coordinating a surprise party for him.”

“I asked the hostess who was there yet…his boys or his sister? She said his sister.”

In another video, she explained that she had a “hunch” that he was seeing another woman…

“She was everywhere, she was always around, you just couldn’t get rid of her,” she said.

“So anyway, I just had a feeling and I called the restaurant and said ‘Hey, I really want to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday.

“‘We’re going to need a bigger table, I don’t know who is there with though, is he with his sister or his friends.”

“‘The girl asked what he looked like and I described him and said what he was wearing.

“She said ‘Oh I see him!, he’s with his sister’ and I was like oh which sister, is it the brunette sister or the blonde sister?
“Mind you, I’m looking for a blonde b****. And she affirmed that it was the blonde sister. So that’s how I found out.'”

In another video, Felicia said she could tell the waitress knew her plan but played along anyway…

Felicia was out of town when she finally discovered the truth.

But once she returned, she traveled to his house where she found the fake eyelashes in his bed…

Felicia says they’re no longer together and that she’s living her best life.

Check out her video below…

To watch the full series of events, check out her TikTok account here.
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