Boyfriend Fails That Will Have You Shaking Your Head

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You know how that famous saying goes. “Boyfriends, you can’t live with them, you would one-hundred percent be OK to live without them.” For all the good that they provide (big TVs, warm cuddles), there are so many infuriating things that boyfriends do that would make us pull our hair out of our heads if it wasn’t beautiful luscious hair that we definitely don’t want to ruin.

The boyfriends in this list don’t know how to perform basic human functions and for that, they must be shamed. Maybe this list will make you go, “Phew! I must have gotten a good boyfriend because mine doesn’t do these things!” Maybe it will make you go, “Yup. That’s my boyfriend.” Maybe it will make you go, “Wow, I’m so glad I don’t have a boyfriend!”

Whatever your situation, we can all rage at this list together.

I searched the word “boyfriend” on Giphy and this is what popped up:

And honestly, it makes sense. Boyfriends are cute, useless potatoes. I mean, take a look at this list.

Natural light

She’s referring to the amount of sunlight coming into the apartment. Not Nattie Light, your terrible college beer. Oh my goodness.


This Instagrammer wrote, “When your boyfriend thinks your hair bun scrunchie is a loofa and has been using it the entire week you were gone.”

Where are you?

Austin was so drunk that he texted his girlfriend — who was sitting right next to him — “Where are you?” Oh, Austin.

Ice cream

Um, this is ridiculous. He forgot her spoon.


Boyfriends– you can’t take them anywhere! Not even middle-of-the-road restaurants that wrap their silverware in napkins.

Toilet rolls

This is insanity. I hope she kept this going until he noticed and did something about it. Like, change his entire way of life.

Picture perfect

I have seen so many pictures like this, where boyfriends simply cannot figure out how to take a nice picture of their partner. Join the 21st century, dudes!

Pie crime

In what world is this acceptable, and what type of a person instinctively goes for a pie like this? This person should be in jail.

Butter crime

If boyfriends would stop to think for like, a millisecond, they would realize that no one in their right mind puts butter unwrapped back in the fridge.


A chill just went down my spine. How do you not know how to cut an avocado?

A right mess

Wow, this is appalling. How do you not even stand the cans up? This is an issue that only intense therapy can correct.

Sandwich cutter

Well, that’s the last time this boyfriend is ever asked to cut anything into two equal pieces.


You can very easily tell who cut which container of watermelon. The container full of sharp watermelon shards was definitely the work of a boyfriend.

Out to dry

You know what makes clothes not dry? Putting them in heaps on top of each other. This is common sense, which boyfriends like this do not have.

Rolls on rolls

Again with the toilet paper rolls! And these aren’t even finished. This is a horror movie, and we’re all living in it.


In what world? These are going to get stale in approximately one minute now. Jesus.


I don’t know if this is better or worse than the guy who stuck his fork right in the middle of the pie. It’s all bad. All of it!


What is that? Is it mashed potatoes? Uncovered? With a spoon in it? Not only should she never allow him to move in with her, but she should also break up with him.


Don’t make ramen in a frying pan, you idiot! You need a small pot! Those noodles aren’t going to cook evenly!

“Not well”

Poor guy. No! Just kidding! She probably deserves that cake because he did something stupid. Step it up, man!

Wrapping disaster

Why would you ever do this?  Just start at one end of the wrapping paper. I am literally going crazy looking at these pictures.

Oreoooohhhhh noooooo

Listen, I understand the rush to get into a pack of Oreos. Sometimes you need that cookie. But you just made it so hard to keep these from getting stale.


For some reason, my fiancé is like, really good at taking care of his clothes, but this is definitely a near-universal boyfriend problem.

Laundry day

Right. Next. To. The. Basket. It’s like he’s taunting her on purpose.

Stale chips

This whole gallery has given me a new saying about boyfriends. Boyfriends: Snack ruiners since the beginning of time.


PSA to all people out there: if you melt Kraft singles onto tortilla chips they will not become nachos. Don’t argue with me.


This honestly looks like a giant monster took a bite out of the side of the paper towel. How is this easier than tearing off an already-perforated sheet?

The penguin

Um, OK, this is technically a fail, but I love this so much. This is so much better than if he “got it.”

Wow, jon.

If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s let your boyfriend draw on your eyebrow. There was no way that was going to end well. Share this with someone who gets the boyfriend problem.