Boyfriend Lets His Hairstylist Girlfriend Experiment With His Hair and the Results Are Hilarious

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Things have started to get a little crazy, to say the least. As we are all well aware, we’re currently in the midst of a global pandemic.

Some people have decided this is the perfect time to document their growing delirium, because why the hell not?

And one man decided quarantine was the perfect time to let his hair down … literally.

Empty shelves on the left, and hoarders to the right. Having to get creative with the toilet paper situation?  

Well, you’re in luck…

And it’s better than you could ever imagine.

We’ve hit that point in human history where the only way history books will be able to document the great pandemic of 2020 is through these hilarious online stories.

Hey, at least we’re not alone …?

This guy has definitely lost it. We just wonder if he’ll put them all back in for his next project. Now that we‘d like to see.

Routine is everything.

Even if that means compromising your usual route.

Such high stakes…why would you risk it all?

If something did make sense, this wouldn’t be it.

It was the time to experiment with his appearance, too!

One man decided now was the time to allow his girlfriend to experiment with his hair. And the results were amazing.

Like any responsible citizen, they’ve been social isolating for the past few days.

She’s a hairstylist by trade, and has decided to spend quarantine practicing her skills.

Geoff’s of course!

The internet has gone wild for these amazing looks.

The beard is a nice touch!

Extra marks for posing skills.

This is so accurate it hurts!

Impressive height on that bouffant!

This must have taken ages – but hey, we all have time on our hands now! Fancy more crazy hairstyles? Keep scrolling for some of the internet’s biggest fails…