Brand New ‘Starry Wave’ Jigsaw Is the World’s Most Beautiful Puzzle

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There’s no better way to unwind than to delve deep into a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t know about you, but I’m very particular about the ones I choose to do. I need a challenge; one that will have me contemplating my entire existence, but will also have me so obsessed that I can’t bear the thought of leaving it unfinished.

Well, Blue Kazoo’s newest “Starry Wave” puzzle has that perfect balance. I’m hooked. And it’s not just because of the puzzle itself (though that is a big part of it). The rich history behind the mashup has completely blown my mind and I just have to share it with you.

Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen… This one is wild.

Blue Kazoo’s newest puzzle has us mesmerized.

Combining two of the most iconic artworks from the 19th century, “Starry Wave” has become the company’s latest and most striking release.

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and “The Great Wave” by Hokusai have been meticulously blended into a single image that emphasizes the individual beauty of each piece yet the powerful nature of both combined.

The puzzle is already gaining a lot of buzz, and not just because of the puzzle itself (though that is a big reason why), but because it has managed to unearth the rich history about how both pieces could have been linked in the past.

According to Martin Bailey, a specialist on Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch artist gained inspiration from the “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.”

While both artists were focused on opposite forces of nature, the similarities, when placed side by side, are obvious.

And, in particular, he admired the print that has now gone on to become one of the most recognizable artworks of all time. “These waves are claws, the boat is caught in them, you can feel it,” he told his brother Theo in a letter.

And Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” masterpiece came decades later in 1889 with apparent influences from the Japanese print.

Looking through the gaps in the bars, he became fixated on the night sky before him but art specialists, such as Martin Bailey, argue that memories of the work of Hokusai also had a great part to play in its creation.

So knowing that the two iconic masterpieces are already linked, makes “Blue Kazoo’s” latest puzzle even more special.

Whether Van Gogh purposefully incorporated elements of “The Great Wave” in “Starry Night” or simply had the image in his subconscious, the overwhelming force of the two pieces combined has left me nothing short of speechless, the rich history of them being told in every individual piece.

So if you’re in the mood to experience the beauty of fine art in contemporary form, then click here and get your hands on the iconic puzzle that is the “Starry Wave.”