Brave Jogger Confronts Flasher Who Exposed Himself Twice during Morning Run

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When going for a leisurely morning run, the last thing that you want is to have some pervert expose himself and make you feel violated and super uncomfortable.

It’s a sad reality that there are sick individuals out there who get off on making us feel threatened and uneasy, and it happens way too often to women who are trying to go about their day.

A flasher recently chose the wrong woman to expose himself to recently, and this woman has truly made us girls proud.

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Seriously. There are individuals out there who actually get a thrill from exposing themselves to innocent passers-by, and it’s wrong on so many levels.

Indecent exposure varies from nudity to masturbation in public. It is also known as sexual misconduct, and it is a matter not to be taken lightly.

Numerous women every day fall victim to indecent exposure, and it is often just brushed off lightly and forgotten about.

A mom of 2, who identifies as Aia, was going out for a jog in her local area in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Speaking to CBS Boston, Aia recalls that she passed the unnamed man when she was jogging and noticed that he pulled his pants down as he jogged by.  

Aia recalls how the man exposed himself for a second time during their exchange, and it doesn’t take her long to clock on to what is happening. She swiftly turns around to confront the pervert.

Aia works as a personal trainer and is an Israeli military veteran… and also stands at 6ft and 1 inches tall. The man has certainly picked the wrong woman to violate…

In Aia’s words, “It was not his lucky day because I decided it’s just not gonna happen.” The man was clearly not expecting her to confront him, and he is seen to look flustered when the personal trainer asks for his name; he cowardly attempts to run away.

In her interview with CBS, she claims to have grabbed the man and pinned him down out of the CCTV’s view. “When I was holding him down, he was terrified!” Aia recalls.

But nobody responded to her calls for help, and simply ignored her. “At least four people went by and nobody reacted,” she recalls.

“I’m holding this guy down and nobody is doing anything, so I had to do something…” This made Aia use her initiative and call the police herself. But this meant her letting go briefly of the man, and he quickly escaped.

She arrived at State Police Barracks – on a motorcycle, by the way – and stated: “People! Respond for God’s sake. If somebody is saying ‘call the police,’ everybody tries to stay away and not get involved… five minutes later I could have been raped in the corner? You guys really too busy with your day to not call the police?”

If a woman who wasn’t as physically strong as Aia was attempted to handle the situation, things could have ended much worse. Women can fall victim to horrific crimes such as sexual assault and abuse at the hands of these sick and twisted individuals, and it’s lucky that Aia is the strong and powerful woman that she is.

They described him as a “short, white man with a heavy build and dark-colored hair who was last seen running in the Cambridge area.”

It is not only a crime to indecently expose one’s self in public, but it is also a violation. Aia did the right thing by standing up to the anonymous man, but the situation could have become much more dangerous. It is so important to help out one another in situations such as these and we can succeed in locking up these dangers to society. Want to hear about another badass woman taking down a creep? One UFC star brutally beat a man who tried to mug her with a cardboard gun. Keep reading for more on that!