Brave People Whose Risky Behavior Totally Paid Off | 22 Words

Life is all about taking chances. You never know how things might turn out if you're simply brave enough to try something new. Sure, things might blow up in your face – but if you're lucky, you'll make an amazing new discovery or find that your risk-taking was totally worth it.

The people in this gallery saw their chance and took it. And honestly? It's pretty darn inspirational. Not only were they brave enough to take a risk; their crazy gambles actually paid off. As we enter into the new year, may you be inspired to take your own risks and see what the future has in store for you. Maybe that means picking up a new hobby like woodworking or embroidery. Maybe it's something as simple as trying a new food combo. Whatever it is, the world needs your innovative mind!

Here are a few examples of people who took big risks that totally paid off.

This student:

The teacher said they could use a "3 by 5" card, but didn't specify the units of measurement, so this student decided 3 feet by 5 feet would do the trick. This person is my hero.

This cheese-thrower:

You shouldn't go around throwing cheese. Unless you're throwing it onto a burger. Then it's totally fine.

Dear Claudia.

That shows some real dedication — and remorse for accidentally swiping left! And he found her! Looks like the risky move paid off big time.

The person behind this vending machine rescue:

They sacrificed an additional $1.25 to save their soda. And they got a free drink in return!

This truck driver:

Is it just me, or does this look like something straight out of an action movie? I was riveted the entire time!

This golfer:

I would say that the person standing in front of the golfer is the real risk-taker here. The golfer may have sacrificed their friendship, but they sacrificed their very well-being!

This driver:

Parking under a tree during a storm. What could possibly go wrong? Oh. That's what could go wrong.

This Jenga genius:

On the one hand, I'm not totally sure that's a legal Jenga move. On the other hand, I am very impressed. I suppose I'll allow it.

This duck:

(OK, a duck is technically not a person, but you're feeling inspired all the same, aren't you?) I wish I had half the confidence this duck has.

These pumpkin carvers:

Sometimes, less is more. You have to admit that that is a very cute pumpkin!

This test-taker:

To be fair, the teacher was basically setting themselves up for this one. What kind of test was this, anyway?

This couple:

I'd do just about anything for free dessert. I might even actually marry the person. Weddings usually feature cake, after all.

This driver:

Man, that is smooth! If I ever tried to be that smooth, I would probably end up tripping over my words. And the gas hose.

This bathing engineer:

I suddenly feel the need to figure out which of my favorite snack foods float. This is important. It's science.

This guy on Tinder:

I once made a PowerPoint presentation about myself for a guy I was dating, and now I'm married to him. So, yeah, I can attest that it works.

This cow-feeder:

I kind of think all cow-owners should feed their cows in a heart shape now. How can we make that happen?

This guerilla graffiti artist:

from funny
That's one way to get things done, I suppose! It was probably pretty fun, too.

This beer-drinker:

There was a moment when this person risked looking very silly for bringing the cooler lid to the pool. Luckily, everything worked out swimmingly.

This home chef:

There's no such thing as too much garlic. Name an amount of garlic. It's not too much.

This mom:

Was it risky to send her kid out in public with this hairstyle? Yes. But the humor it's provided makes the gaffe so worth it.

This quick-thinking dad:

The children's facial expressions definitely make it seem like this is a bad idea, but rest assured: This is a very, very good idea. In fact, I'm going to remember this for the next time I need a costume.

This parent:

They've done it! They've outsmarted Lego!

This child artist:

It could have broken bad for this little kid. Luckily, their parents have great senses of humor.

This mom:

This is brilliant. I'm going to teach my kids that I hate the taste of chocolate, too.

And this mom:

I appreciate the lengths this mom was willing to go to in order to leave whatever event she was at. That is true dedication.

This vacationing dad:

Sure, the world may be about to end, but buffets are all-you-can-eat! Might as well take advantage while you can!

This scamming mom:

Is it strictly ethical? Not really. But it is very clever and totally worth it.

This movie snack mom:

It's always risky sneaking food into the theater. But this mom? She doesn't just sneak food in. She sneaks in corn on the cob! That's really going the extra mile for a good movie snack.

This fashionista:

Not only does she get to finally take those painful heels off; she also gets credit for starting the trend of wearing fast food bags on your feet. I'm assuming this look is going to catch on in a big way.

This wine-lover:

No one told them to put a water bottle cap on a wine bottle, but they did it anyway. This person is the hero we all need right now. Share this with someone who inspires you!