Proposing to someone is the ultimate display of love.

It's the highest form of showing someone your undying affection for them. Telling your partner that you are willing to devote the rest of your life to them and them only.

But not only that. It's one hell of a risk. You're opening yourself up to rejection - and with so many proposals taking place in public, it's not only humiliation from your partner, but from the public too.

Well this one guy's proposal in Brazil backfired big time, but amazingly it did so in the best way possible.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing.

It's total dedication to one person through the power of love and love only.

But what exactly is marriage?

Well by definition it's 'the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship' - and that right there is the definition of love.

But commitment is a scary thing.

Trust me, if there's one thing I know, it's that. How do you know that that one person is the right person for you, forever.

Well they say when you know you know.

And then what's left to do but propose I guess and just hope for the best.

Most proposals go pretty well.

You're having a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, or bent down on one knee in Disneyland, or at an international beauty spot - just praying that she, or he, says yes.

What about when things go wrong?

Well - there's the rejection, the embarrassment, and the misery, but sometimes things can go wrong for the right reasons.

As this young man in Brazil found out recently.

Standing beneath the Ferris wheel at São Paulo's Hopi Hari park in Brazil, this young man stopped for a kiss with his boyfriend.

Although he had something else in mind.

At the famous photo spot, the young lover dropped down on one knee before pulling a ring out of his pocket.

Then he popped the question.

As a crowd standing around them gasped in excitement, eagerly awaiting the boyfriend's response.

But the boyfriend didn't respond.

At least not for a moment, instead he just held his hands to his face in total shock.

The spectators didn't know what was coming.

And there was certainly an air of awkward anticipation beneath the Ferris wheel.

But what happened next absolutely nobody was expecting.

The stunned boyfriend backed away from his proposing other half and began walking towards his backpack.

The crowd thought it was all over.

And although I wasn't there, I'm sure the boyfriend who was left stranded on one knee was thinking the worst too.

But when he got to his backpack.

He retrieved a small box from the bag and YES it's exactly what you're thinking it is.

He pulled out an engagement ring of his own.

And that's when the crowd really go wild - screaming in delight and ecstasy of their own as they witness a one in a million occurrence - double proposal.

Amazingly the entire thing was caught on camera.

And after being uploaded online earlier this week, viewers have lapped up the beautiful moment - stating that the duo must've known just how ready they were for marriage at that very precise moment in their relationship.

One commenter wrote:

This is the embodiment of two people who are in the exact same place in their life and have their goals for the future aligned.

Another simply wrote: 'Kudos'.

Apparently a double proposal is a much more common occurrence with gay couples, according to TooFab. One commenter wrote:
The best thing about gay marriage is double proposals. Remember when everyone was panicking that gay marriage would ruin marriage? Yeah, turns out we just buy more rings.

Take a look at the beautiful moment below.

It's a truly incredible moment.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

We wish you a very happy and lengthy marriage full of many more beautiful moments like this to come.