‘Breaking Bad’ Voted the Greatest TV Show of the 21st Century

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This week, Breaking Bad was voted as the greatest TV show of the 21st century.

As all my friends and family will know, no other show has ever had me as hooked as Breaking Bad has. Though the initial “drug cartel” themed synopsis put me off, once I forced myself to watch it, there was no going back.

Initially gracing our screens back in 2008, the show ran for an entire 5 seasons and had the world obsessed all the way until its finale in 2013.  

Created by Vince Gilligan, we watched as Walter White, an underachieving high-school chemistry teacher, was diagnosed with stage-3 lung cancer.

Conscious of the looming medical costs and not wanting to leave his pregnant wife and disabled son bankrupt, Walt teamed up with his former student, tearaway Jesse Pinkman, and used his chemistry skills to start “cooking” crystalized Methamphetamine.

The initial goal of making money to fund his medical treatments was soon forgotten.  

And we watched – in both horror and awe – as Walt transformed from a timid high-school teacher to the hardened, and incredibly dangerous, drug lord, Heisenberg.

Literally. Or am I the only one who cried?  

But it wouldn’t be Breaking Bad without one final bit of showmanship, would it? Hank and his partner were shot dead in front of Walt and, knowing that his days were numbered, Walt took out all of his remaining enemies in one go with a triggered machine gun. Nice.

But did he die? Or was he arrested and forced to spend the rest of his days behind bars? Annoyingly, the scene cut before we could find out.

So, obviously, fans were delighted to hear the news of the Breaking Bad movie last year. El Camino landed on Netflix on October 11th, 2019, where fans finally found out the fate of the criminal duo.

Breaking Bad still remains as one of the favorite TV shows on Netflix, with people today still binging the series.

This week, the show was formally voted as the greatest TV show of the 21st century.

But hey, the statistics don’t lie!

The first semi-final was a choice of Game of Thrones, The Office (both U.K and U.S versions), The Wire, and Black Mirror. Game of Thrones was the clear winner for this round.

Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, and Mad Men were thrown into the equation. Of course, Breaking Bad received the most votes here.

Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.  Who’s it going to be?!

Walt and Jesse narrowly beat Jon Snow and Daenerys to the number one title, taking 50.8 percent of the 11,429 votes that were cast.

Understandably, Breaking Bad fans were delighted by the news…

I mean, it is the greatest show of all time, isn’t it? And it didn’t have an awful ending.

Of course, a huge online squabble commenced, with people ferociously debating which show they thought should have won… Sons of Anarchy, Prison Break, and Sopranos were popular contenders.

Is Breaking Bad a worthy winner? Or should Game of Thrones have walked away with the winning title? For more on the wonderful world of Breaking Bad, keep scrolling to hear what Aaron Paul said about the new movie…