A mom had the perfect response for a stranger who told her to "cover up" while she was trying to breastfeed her baby in a restaurant and yet again, it's re-ignited the debate as to whether women should be allowed to breastfeed in public or not.

Melanie Dudley of Texas was breastfeeding her 3-month-old son in the corner of a restaurant, with her back to all diners, may I add, in Cabo San Lucas when a stranger approached her and asked her to cover up. Of course, the mom-of-3 was a little taken aback when she heard the man's demands, but thankfully, she didn't back down.

Speaking to TODAY, Dudley recalled the incident: "I did have the cover on, but it was so hot. It was like, ninety-five degrees and my little baby was sweating. I said, 'You know what? I'm on vacation, I'm taking this off.'"

"I was kind of stunned," she admitted. But then she had an idea and asked her husband to pass over her nursing cover.

"I just put it over my head. I don't know why," she continued. "It wasn't like a salacious fight or anything. That was just my response. I had no words so I thought, I'll just cover my head instead."

Her husband quickly took a photo of the moment and shared it with his family, who thought of it as the "perfect" response to the stranger. His mom later shared the snapshot on Facebook and later, with permission, a friend of theirs re-shared it to their page where it immediately went viral.

The hilarious photo garnered over 137,000 reactions and 225,000 shares. Dudley said the response to the photo has surprised her as most of the comments have been supportive. There were a few negative ones, but she wasn't focussing on them.

However, as funny as the moment was, it also re-ignited a serious conversation about breastfeeding in public. Some people agreed that it's fine for people to do it while others were repulsed by the idea.

"I hope the momentum keeps growing. Let's be supportive of women who want to nurse in public, with or without a cover," Dudley added. "I mean, just do your thing. It's not hurting anyone."

She is hoping her story provides inspiration to other nursing moms and eventually breastfeeding will become a normal part of life, which it already should be. As if we're in 2021 and still having this conversation. Grow up.