A company is now selling breastmilk that people can order online and have delivered to their door.

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You can now get most things delivered.


From furniture to food to clothes.

Food delivery is an area that has particularly grown over the past few years.


With the likes of Uber Eats and Postmates, you can have pretty much any food delivered.

And there's a new delivery service on the scene...


And what it's offering is quite niche...

One company is now offering breastmilk delivery.


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Now, breastfeeding is one of the most natural things that we parents can do for our children...

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And it provides them with the nutrients and vitamins that they so desperately need in their early years.

Scientifically, children only need to be breastfed in their first 2 years...

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months and continued breastfeeding for 1 year or longer.

But breast feeding isn't easy.

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And some women can struggle to provide enough milk through breastfeeding alone.

But there could be a solution for those worrying about their supply...

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As a company is now offering breast milk delivery and it's surprised some people...

BestMilk is a private milk bank that delivers to cities in the UK.

Set up to help women who are struggling with their own supply, the milk can be ordered online and dropped off in glass bottles to their homes.

BestMilk founder, Dr Julia Sarno, thought up the idea after she struggled with breastfeeding her son.

She then left her job in academia "to devote her life to solving the problem of shortage and scarcity of breast milk helping parents struggling with breastfeeding."

As per the Bristol Post, Julia said: "I was desperately looking for safe breast milk for my child. I felt like it was my fault that my son could not receive so-much needed breast milk, and felt I had to find a solution for him."

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"Around that time my friend, Barbara, telephoned me and cried on the phone because her daughter has developed various food allergies."

"Barbara took the blame on herself for not being able to breastfeed when her daughter was a baby and was giving him formula instead of natural breast milk," she continued.

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"That was the crucial moment when I started thinking about how to resolve the pressing issue of scarcity of breast milk in our society. I started reading various forums for mums and discovered that my friend and I are not alone, there are many of us with the same problem."

Shortly after, Julia left her job to devote her time to helping this cause.

"I wanted a service that would support parents struggling with breastfeeding, by delivering to them safe screened breast milk for their baby by clicking a few buttons on the computer," she explained.

"I believed it should be simple and easy for struggling parents to order natural immunological food for their babies. After all, if we can order food online for ourselves in the 21st century, why can't we order natural food for our babies in the same easy and convenient way?"

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And after several years of work with scientists, doctors, paediatricians and microbiologists the service was finally made possible.

With mom's from local areas able to donate their milk for the scheme.

Delivery is currently only in the UK.

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