Brian Austin Green Pays off Teacher's Amazon Wish List | 22 Words

While students are starting to return to school, the number of cases is spiking.

Many are expressing their concern for the lack of preparation shown by the government, and some teachers are preparing in a uniquely tragic way.

But amidst the chaos, an unlikely hero has emerged - Brian Austin Green.

You might know him best from 90210...

But Brian Austin Green's main role now is that of a father.

Like any father, he's very concerned about his kids.

And in the current climate, that revolves a lot around schools.

He took to Instagram this week to catch up with fans.

And one aspect of life he was focusing on was all about his kids' schooling.

He also pointed out something that deep down, we all knew.

Teachers play an enormous role in people's lives, and never receive the thanks they deserve.

So one teacher decided to take the opportunity...

And reached out to the star. His response was nothing short of amazing.

Who wouldn't want to be a teacher?

The low pay and never-ending workload are tempting, we have to say!

Teachers are truly the backbone of society.

And the fact is, they consistently go unappreciated.

But one area in which they seem to be more unappreciated than ever?

During the current coronavirus pandemic.

Because, as the government pushes for schools to open up...

Many are facing a truly horrendous decision.

Going back to work could actually cost them their lives.

Which is almost too tragic to contemplate.

Students in certain districts are starting to return to school...

The move had divided opinion among parents and students.

And it seems as though what everyone expected has happened.

As over 100,000 children have now tested positive for coronavirus.

Many wouldn't believe that we're still living through a global pandemic...

But believe it or not, we still are.

But it seems that many people have forgotten that a global pandemic has seized the entire world...

And even though numbers of infections are steadily dropping in many countries, our country continues to be the worst affected.

There are currently over 2 million actives cases of the virus here in America.

It just doesn't seem to be phasing people anymore.

Many individuals seem to be forgetting that the virus is passed on through close contact...

Such as coughing, sneezing, and touching things with your bare hands.

This is why many government officials have stressed the importance of wearing facemasks in public spaces...

Because even though they can't protect a person fully from catching or spreading the virus, they lower that chance significantly.

But regardless of this...

The number of coronavirus cases continues to steadily rise, with many parts of the country even tightening lockdown restrictions yet again.

It just seems that many of us aren't learning...

And more and more lives are being put at risk because of this.

Of course, healthcare workers are continuing to work harder than ever to save lives...

And that's not just here in America... it's happening all around the world where infection rates continue to climb.

Despite the risks, some schools are opening their doors again.

Resulting in a massive spike in virus cases...

Many don't think schools should be opening.

And have taken to Twitter to express their views.

Some pointed this out.

There seems no way for the school system to deal with this.

And when you take this into account...

It does all seem like a disaster waiting to happen.

Why are we so happy to ask teachers to volunteer their lives?

It boggles the mind.

But one teacher managed to find an unlikely hero amongst the chaos.

Amy Hoffman reached out to Brian Austin Green after hearing his impassioned Instagram Live.

She decided to tag the star in her Amazon wishlist of back-to-school essentials.

The very same day, Austin Green paid for it all, to the tune of $500.

Austin Green explained that a lack of resources matters now more than ever.

As during the pandemic, sharing just isn't a safe option.

Who would have thought Brian Austin Green would be the man to step up?

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