Bride Carries Bouquet of Donuts Down the Aisle | 22 Words

Weddings are expensive. There's a mountain of things to arrange, and they end up all looking fairly similar. But one woman decided to take her wedding to the next level by using a bouquet of donuts rather than flowers.

It turns out that bouquets of donuts are a real thing, and they're quite popular. Don't believe us? Take a look at the pictures below!

They also make yummy gifts. Check out what you've been missing out on. You'll be drooling before you know it.

Did you know that donuts can now be sent in the mail?

This company lets you send fun boxes filled with donuts to your loved ones! This is important because it means that you can also receive fun boxes filled with donuts. Oooh…

It can be a lovely personal gift.

The best part about these donut boxes is that you can personalize them. There's no occasion wherein these donuts wouldn't be appropriate, as you'll see later with the wedding!

These donut boxes will work throughout the year.

Easter might not have seemed like a donut occasion in the past, but it's hard to deny how Easter-y this box is. It looks delicious!

They’ve got all the major holidays covered.

Do you need some scary donuts to remind you that there is another over-hyped Hallmark event coming up? Look no further; these donuts will help you to do just that, all while eating! Now that's our kind of event.

These are actually pretty perfect.

Christmas trees take on a whole new meaning when they're edible. These trees could become a sort of edible-Jenga. You can keep pulling out a donut from near the bottom and see how many it takes for it to fall down.

Have you ever tried the combination of alcohol and donuts?

These donuts look like they would go with anything, and we're always up for a tipple, so putting the two together seems natural. Presumably, the more you drink, the more you want to eat.

Sometimes the high road just won't cut it.

It can be hard to be happy for other people all the time. And on those occasions, when you just can't hold back, it's nice to know that you can send someone the finger, in the form of a donut.

They've got some truly innovative ideas.

Alcohol and donuts is one thing, but putting dumplings and donuts together is truly incredible. Is it a good combination? Who’s to say? But these guys are getting donuts involved in a lot of places that didn't seem natural to start with.

It's to save the environment.

One of the main ideas by this donut company comes in the form of donut bouquets. And they have a lot of suggestions for when you could use them.

It's the perfect graduation gift.

What do you get for someone who's just graduated? It's the accumulation of a lifetime (so far) of studies. Maybe a bouquet of donuts is the best way to say "good luck in the real world."

This is the way to apologize.

After doing something wrong, why give a present that's going to die? Is that a symbol for your love? It's a much better idea to give something that is yummy and filling. It's a lot harder to be mad with a warm, full belly.

Donuts are the way to a girl's heart.

Like we said, eating leads to happiness. Buying a bouquet of donuts for someone can only be a good thing. Seriously.

This is taking donut bouquets to the next level.

Not only can the bouquets of donuts work as gifts, but they're also a cheaper solution for the flower arrangements at your wedding. They can even be color co-ordinated!

One woman really went for it.

Was it a money-saving tactic? Is she obsessed with donuts? Or is she just a good laugh? We'll never know. The important thing is that she went for it, and she made her bridesmaids do it too. Is there any better wedding set-up than this?

The wedding theme to end all others.

This couple didn't just use a donut bouquet, but made the whole ceremony donut-themed. Okay, so the donuts all looked delicious, but you can take a thing too far…