Bride Forces Bridesmaids to Sign ‘Contract’ List of 37 Strict Rules

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A bride who issued a list of thirty-seven wedding rules for her bridesmaids, which included exactly what they will look like on the big day, has been slammed online because of how strict they are…

Everything has to be perfect.

Or holding the special day in the most gorgeous venue… a couple’s wedding day wouldn’t be complete without these little details.

However, we all know how stressful planning a wedding can be…

And this stress can sometimes get to a person’s head, creating a monster we never even knew was there.

Yep, many brides are often known to become very difficult when planning their dream wedding.

Some brides are known to take things way too far… and one bride has ruffled a lot of feathers recently following her extensive list of rules for her bridesmaids to follow.

And people just couldn’t believe what they were reading.

Well, let me take you through them so you can decide for yourselves.

“I’ve read a lot of posts about issues with bridesmaids,” she said. “I gave out contracts. It explained my expectations from beginning to end. I refused to be stressed and didn’t budge on any of it.”

1. I will not try to convince the bride to change anything in her wedding. 2. I will not talk negatively about anyone at the wedding. Good vibes all around.

3. I will not gain more than 3kg (6lbs) between now and the wedding.

4. I will wear only black or dark brown hair on the day of the wedding (highlights may be accepted with prior approval) 5. I cannot wear any lashes the day of the wedding unless professionally installed. 6. I have to attend the bridal shower and bachelorette party, fitting and rehearsals and wedding (only time this can be missed is death or jail, pregnancy over five months and some sickness with recent doctor’s note).

7. I will take care of my skin, hair, and nails from now until the wedding. 8. The bride will choose my make-up artist on the day of the wedding. 9. I will agree to wear the dress the bride chooses regardless of my own opinions, style, or color. 10. I will not wear any extra accessories, items of clothing, or jewelry on the day of the wedding except my wedding or engagement ring.

Number eleven actually made me laugh… Like out loud.

11. I will not intentionally fall pregnant before the wedding. (Pregnancy under five months will not be excused from attending wedding events). Very particular, but if you’re 6 months pregnant or more, you’re clearly excused from the events.

12. I will support the bride in everything she chooses. I’m sure the bridesmaids got it by now, Bridezilla.

13. I will not consume more than seven units of alcohol during any event except the bachelorette party (there will be no limit). We know what alcohol can do to people… Yikes.

14. I will not bring a date to the wedding or reception without bridal approval. 15. I will not bring any outside people, except kids, to any meeting. No one would want strangers at their wedding, would they?

16. I will not bring my kids to the wedding unless they are a part of the wedding party (no exceptions). 17. I will make sure I have an accountable babysitter the day of all events and I understand that no show for no babysitter will not be an acceptable excuse.

Now, eighteen and nineteen are absolutely lame.

18. I will not make any advances towards males in the wedding party. 19. I will not date anyone in the wedding party that I wasn’t dating before I signed this contract.

Even when you’ve just spilled wine down your dress? Keep that smile on.

21. I will not grow sensitive and angry with the bride because I understand that she has a bossy attitude.

22. I will not attempt to outdo the bride in any way. 23. I will wear the hairstyle the bride chooses for the wedding day.

24. I understand that I have to purchase my own dress and shoes and hairstyle for the wedding. 25. I understand that the bachelorette party may be a destination getaway. 26. I understand that I have to purchase a bachelorette party T-shirt and fund my own trip if it is away. 27. I understand that the maid and matron of honor will need help funding some of the events. The wedding and reception are not included. Very awkward, borderline insensitive, indeed.

28. I understand that the bride does not want any suggestion and this agreement is on here twice, two different ways because the bride wants it to be clear. The only suggestion allowed is a way to get her exact item at a cheaper price. They get it!

29. I will not drop out of the wedding party for any of the reasons listed above. If I do not like anything listed, I will not sign the contract and I will be replaced. I understand that I do not agree to the above terms it will not ruin the bride and I’s friendship. But if I sign and agree and later want to drop out, then it will ruin our friendship. 30. I understand that no friendship to the bride is bigger than anyone in her wedding party and everyone will be treated equally. So, this wedding puts all your friendships on the line? Messy behavior.

31. I understand that I may have to do physical activity at the reception and this requires practices provided by the bride. Physical activity? Like helping to set up the reception? Or like performing a dance routine? Could be either really.

32. No coloured contact lenses allowed. 33. No black drawn-on eyebrows or thick drawn-on (matter of fact, revert back to make-up law above). 34. No glossy coloured lipstick allowed (the kind that looks very, very shiny and bright). 35. No colourful nails the day of the wedding. Only colours allowed are American, French or Nudes.

36. I will provide the bride with my normal seven-day scheduled within five days of signing this contract. 37. I will agree to save at least $50 [£40] a month for expenses for the next 14 months.

Some people really take things too far, don’t they? Well, I guess it’s their big day so what else can we expect? Keep scrolling for a story about another Bridezilla that has managed to annoy the internet to a whole new level…