Bride Issues List of Wedding Rules Including Banning Guests From Talking To Her

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A bride who issued an insane list of wedding rules for her guests, which included banning them from talking to her, has been ruthlessly slammed online.

Keep on reading to see some of her crazy requirements…

Everything has to be perfect.

Or holding the special day in the most gorgeous venue… a couple’s wedding day wouldn’t be complete without these little details.

However, we all know how stressful planning a wedding can be…

And this stress can sometimes get to a person’s head, creating a monster we never even knew was there!

Yep, many brides are often known to become quite difficult when planning their dream wedding.

Some brides are known to take things way too far… and one bride has ruffled a lot of feathers recently following her lists of “do’s and don’ts” for her big day.

And people just couldn’t believe what they were reading.

And they started by explaining that they wanted to double-check numbers and confirm if the guest would be attending with a plus one. Harmless enough, right?

The author goes on to display a list specifically written by the bride, titled “Rules and Regulations” with the first rules being: “Please arrive fifteen-thirty minutes early” and “Please DO NOT wear white, cream, or ivory.”

The requirements then got even more strict…

“Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail” and “Please do not have a full face of makeup” then followed. Okay, then…

The bride then demanded, “DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL.”

She then casually mentioned that “everyone must come with a gift $75 or more if you want to be admitted in.”

And believe me when I say this, people weren’t at all impressed with the bride’s demands… alongside the numerous spelling mistakes she made in the obscene list!

Do you feel that the bride was reasonable to demand these requirements of her guests? Or do you think that it was totally selfish and unnecessary of her? For more, keep on reading to see why a “selfish” bride was trolled after saying her grandfather’s wedding fund wasn’t enough…