Bride Furious When Cops Show Up at Her Wedding To Retrieve the Necklace She Stole From Her Stepsister

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A bride has recently sparked debate after “borrowing” a necklace for her big day. People can’t decide who’s right in this situation…

Everything has to be perfect.

But what if something went wrong?

Something that’s so outside of the realms of normality?

Well, one bride managed to totally ruin her own wedding day.

By “borrowing” her step-sister’s necklace.

The sister was so angry that she actually called the police to the wedding.

And, to help get some perspective, she decided to share her story on Reddit.

“I (f32) lost my mom when I was 23. It was by far the most traumatic loss I had experienced. I just couldn’t and didn’t want to accept her death. It was unfair, untimely, and preventable,” she begins.

“I got in therapy and was doing better but I had issues with my dad’s new wife and her daughter who’s 25 and just got married weeks ago.”

“We do not have a close relationship but we were cordial enough to sit at dinner tables. My stepsister treats me as a relative and was as much distant from me.”

“But my stepsister showed interest in my mom’s necklace and asked if she could borrow it to wear it at her wedding.”

“I refused and she tried every method to convince me.”

“I had to put it in a place where I thought it’d be safe after my stepmother got involved. As the wedding approached they both kept convincing me to let my stepsister have it (she bragged about affording a better one but it was a matter of showing who’s in control).”

“I didn’t attend the wedding. I remember wanting to change where I was hiding the necklace while the house was empty but I found it was gone.”

“After searching for hours, I called my stepmom and she said not to worry my stepsister took it and will return it when the wedding is over but it was clear that I won’t see it til after the honeymoon since she said her daughter was staying at a hotel.”

“I screamed at her to return it but she argued about not wanting to leave the guests and the wedding already started.”

“I told her I’d get it myself but she forbid me from coming saying she’d have to keep me out for wanting to make a scene.”

The next part of the story is when it gets truly shocking.

“I called the Police and explained to them what was happening. I informed them my stepsister intended to leave for her honeymoon with my property.”

And it’s clear they took the crime seriously.

“The Police were sent to where the wedding was being held and they were able to retrieve the necklace from my stepsister.”

Things went downhill from here.

“She and my stepmom were in shock and livid. She (stepmom) returned home and kept shouting at me calling me petty and crazy to send the police to my stepsister’s wedding”

“I defended myself saying I only wanted an item that belonged to me THAT THEY TOOK WITHOUT PERMISSION returned.”

“I might have overreacted by getting the police involved but I had no guarantee of getting the necklace back since I have experience with them in the past.”

What do you think? Who was wrong in this situation?

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