A bride has been accused of tearing her family apart by choosing to wear a blue wedding dress on her big day.

And even though it's true that the family of the bride had envisioned this day for a long time watching their little girl walk down the aisle to meet her Prince Charming, the last time we checked, we're pretty sure it's the bride's day, and not the family's!

Taking to the infamous "Am I the A**hole?" Reddit thread, the anonymous bride started her post by asking: "AITA for tearing my family apart over my blue wedding dress?"

She explained that her dress is inspired by Ophelia's dress from Waterhouse's paintings...

"It's a gorgeous, blue, pre-Raphaelite gown with gold embroidery, and a red underdress just peeking through at the sleeves and hem. I already sew most of my clothes, so I'm making this myself. It'll be challenging, but I'm confident," the woman said when she described the dress she's in the process of making.

But the women of her family want to make a weekend of going wedding dress shopping, exploring dresses in tons of different shops, and celebrating afterward.


"It's like a bachelorette, but fewer p*nis hats. So everyone got upset with me for breaking a beloved family tradition. They weren't interested in my compromises," the woman explained.

And it only went downhill from there...

What do you imagine when you think of a bride walking down the aisle? Yes... we'll admit, we imagine a beautiful white gown too!

But, this bride doesn't want that for her special day and she told her family that her dress is going to be: "Blue and (gasp) red." This is when "sh*t hit the fan".

"A Christian bride NEEDS to be married in virginal white or people will think she's a wh*re (even though we're living together for 2 years) Also, apparently, it will look like a cheap, tacky, DIY clown costume."

"My older relatives are acting as though I'm going to show up naked twirling on a stripper pole," she mockingly wrote. "My mom keeps leaving crying voicemails. Now she, her siblings, my dad, and maternal grandparents say they won't come.


"My brother and sister say that they will come, and so do some of my cousins, most of my dad's side, and all of the fiancé's side. Now everyone's fighting with everyone else, and my Dad keeps asking it if it's worth tearing a family apart for a dress that I'll only wear for one day, The guilt trips are starting to break me down and get to me."

"Honestly, the whole thing is destroying my joy in the wedding and making me want to just elope. That will still p*ss everyone off, but at least I won't be there to hear them bitching," she finished before asking for the opinion of other Redditors.

"NTA. Tell them that you can't wear white because - gasp! - they know why!" one person wrote jokingly.

"Just want to comment that the dress is GORGEOUS and I think OP should definitely wear it," another encouraged.

"My grandmother told me that when she was married (in a blue dress), the saying was "married in blue and he'll always be true," another person shared.

In fact, everyone on the anonymous bride's feed was encouraging her!

"Wedding dresses were traditionally in a color because having richly dyed clothing was a sign of wealth (expensive dye, expensive fabric) and also allowing the possibility you could wear the dress again for another occasion," someone else responded.

So, the moral of the story is to do whatever makes your heart happy, despite what other people may think or do!