A bride has recently shocked the internet after she revealed that she expects her wedding guests to get her a gift worth $400 or more.

And you wouldn't believe what else she had on the dreaded list...

More than often, when it comes to a person's wedding day...


Everything has to be perfect.

Whether that's finding the perfect wedding dress...


Or holding the special day in the most gorgeous venue... a couple's wedding day wouldn't be complete without these little details.

However, we all know how stressful planning a wedding can be...

And this stress can sometimes get to a person's head, creating a monster we never even knew was there.

There's a reason they're called "Bridezillas"...

Yep, many brides are often known to become very difficult when planning their dream wedding.

Even though this stress is relatively normal...


Some brides are known to take things way too far... and one bride has ruffled a lot of feathers recently following her extensive list of gifts that guests who attend her wedding are allowed to bring.

Anything else was banned.


The list was initially posted to Facebook, but then later re-posted to Reddit where it was ripped to shreds.

People just couldn't believe what they were reading.



So, without further ado, let me take you through the entire list of gifts this bride would accept at her wedding, with the minimum spend being around $400 with terms and conditions for almost every single option.

The post started as follows:


​"I would like to announce my gift registry to everyone! To all those coming to my wedding, there is a list of gifts you can bring. You MUST choose from the list. There are no exceptions."

1. Any KitchenMaid appliances.


This only includes gifts over $350 such as a blender, mixer, etc. She outlines that it fully excludes regular items such as aprons and utensils.

2. Any Gucci or Louis Vuitton purses.


Other purses are also allowed but you must consult with the bride first before purchasing and gifting.

3. Clothing items worth $400 or more.


Must be from Calvin Klein, Moschino, Nora's or something of a similar nature.

4. New flooring.


This includes tiles for the entire house and the bride even realized how unreasonable the request was as she stated in brackets: "I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I'd gladly appreciate it."

5. A new car.


Or a new "trim" for the car or anything else that's car-related.

6. $400 or more gift cards.


But of course, there are also terms and conditions with this one as it must come from a specific place including Nordstrom, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Whole Foods... Other places might be accepted but must be consulted with the bride beforehand.

7. Any Korean or Asian beauty products.


But of course, it must total up to $400 or more or will not be accepted.

​8. Any high-class decorations or paintings.


($400+ of course!)

9. A cash amount of... Take a guess at how much.


The big 4-0-0.

And the Facebook message ended with yet another very weird demand.


The bride urged her guests to look at the spreadsheet that was attached to the message to see who's getting what gift as they will all be accepted in a "first come, first served" manner.

​The way she's being so blasé while making such ridiculous requests is probably the most worrying part of it all.


But hey, each to their own, right?

Have a look at the full post on Reddit below:

Bride is expecting everyone to spend $400 or more on her wedding gifts... from r/ChoosingBeggars

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