A bride's most important decision, and what most wedding guests look forward to besides the reception, is what will she wear for her big day. The wedding dress is the greatest fashion moment a woman will experience, a choice that people will admire and ogle over while she’s walking down the aisle. It’s also why shows like, Say Yes To The Dress, are so popular – at least for me! It’s definitely my guilty pleasure.

Short sleeve, long sleeve, white, ivory, trimmed with lace or chiffon, mermaid or A-line silhouette, the choices are endless and bridal fashion has changed so much over the years. Many looks are now quite modern as wedding dress designers have taken inspiration from today's fashion runway looks. Though some women are looking to the past for their bridal inspiration. In particular, going back to their own mother's wedding dress to wear or use for accessories.

And as these stunning brides will show you, wearing a wedding dress with such a strong significance is also very special. With some alterations and tailoring or just wearing it as it was originally, these vintage to modern bridal looks are gorgeous.

With some alterations this dress was a stunner.

The details on the dress were already amazing and with some tweaks, this dress became an incredibly unique look.

This bride styled her mothers dress so that it fit her personality.

This bride recreated her moms dress into a two-piece that accentuates her incredibly fit body.

It's such a fun way to honor your history while also making it your own.

The before and after pictures of wedding dress alterations are spectacular.

It's also a lovely way to involve your mom in your wedding.

And such a wonderful memory for the both of you.

This bride had always known that she wanted to wear her mother's wedding dress for her big day.

This looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

Shopping for a wedding dress can be quite stressful and anxiety-inducing.

From the choices, fittings, and costs, it's overwhelming. It takes some brides months to "say yes to the dress," and even then some are not quite sure. But for these brides-to-be, the choice was simple, just where moms dress.

This bride also dreamed of wearing her mom's dress since she was a little girl.

Now I feel like I need to look through my wedding pictures because she just gave me all the wedding day feels.

What better way to look for inspiration for your wedding dress than to be inspired by your mom's wedding dress?

I preserved my wedding dress with the idea that one day one of my three daughters may want to alter it or wear it for their own wedding dress. Though since it is three of them, we may have to come up with ideas on how to involve it for all three of them.

For this bride, not only was it her goal to wear her mom's wedding dress but also a fitness achievement.

And she looked incredible.

The puffy shoulders are not the trend for wedding dresses today but it sure is fun looking at them.

I think with some alterations this dress could also be fabulous.

It's quite incredible how altering a dress from the 80s can make the look a modern-day bride.

The dresses of the 80s were showstoppers in that there was a lot of dress. This makes it less difficult to alter since there is so much fabric already. Probably the only time a bride that's altering a wedding dress will thank puffy shoulders.

Maybe your grandma still has her dress too.

This bride included her grandmothers dress in the dressing room so it can be in the background pictures of her photo shoot. This is such a sweet idea to also get your grandmother involved in the wedding.

This bride had some fun wearing her mothers wedding dress before her wedding.

This will for sure give her all the good wedding vibes she'll need.

There are also beautiful brides that wore their moms wedding dress without any alterations and the vintage looks are gorgeous.

Some of these dresses are so stylish you wouldn't have been able to tell they are vintage if I had not told you.

This bride is a splitting image of her mother with in her dress.

She is absolutely slaying this look.

This gorgeous bride also wore her mothers dress without alterations.

And it fit her perfectly.

This bride is incredibly lucky to not have to shop and try on dresses since she already felt that her dream dress was her mother's wedding dress.

Alterations and cleaning can still cost a lot of money, but those expenses are priceless when you're spending it on something meaningful.

This bride hopes to continue the tradition with a potential use for a third time by her own future daughter.

This dress is quite dreamy and will more than likely stand the test of time if well preserved.

This look is so incredible that it can totally fit into todays wedding fashion.

I love this look, it's adorable.

Perhaps some brides don't plan to wear their moms wedding dress, but they sure did get inspired by them.

There is no better way to get excited for your wedding. Well, maybe the bachelorette parties, but the dress is the showstopper.

Some ladies put on their mothers dresses for fun and to get into the wedding day mood.

If you want to feel like a princess for a few moments, a wedding dress will definitely do the trick.

This bride-to-be decided to have some fun with her moms wedding dress also.

It's also great to just see what it would look like on you before you shop for your own.

Wedding dress shopping doesn't have to be stressful, just like this mom and daughter showed us.

Definitely twirl in your potential wedding dress to get a feel for it before you hit the dance floor with it on.

I cannot wait until my daughters are old enough to try on my wedding dress.

And wait until they see the veil that I wore.

There are alternative ways to use a vintage wedding gown that are a very creative for including "something old" into your wedding.

Because I have three daughters, my dress may have to be used in different ways for all three of my girls. This is giving me some ideas and what we can do.

It can be your rehearsal dinner dress.

Because when it's your wedding day weekend, you should wear white, or your wedding day color of choice, for every event.

The lace from this dress is being used for the flower girls dress.

Here's the something blue.

This bride used some of the details from her moms wedding dress for her bridal accessories.

We can't forget the accessories that will complete the head-to-toe look.

Any excess fabric leftover from your moms wedding dress can be used for a ring pillow.

Absolutely no fabric should be left behind.

I cannot wait to see how this year's brides style themselves with their mom's dress as we approach wedding season.

And like every wedding guest out there, I am here for the brides dress and cannot wait to see her fashionable look.