Crafts Made Possible by Pool Noodles | 22 Words

If you've ever spent time in a pool, you're probably familiar with pool noodles. They're those multicolored styrofoam tubes that you can use to float in the pool. Or you can use them to squirt water at your friends and family members. There are two kinds of people in the world.

But that's not all they're good for!

These ubiquitous foam noodles are actually pretty versatile — just like actual pasta noodles, come to think of it.

Whether you're looking to get some additional use out of some old pool noodles, you found a great deal and bought a bunch of them, or you're just feeling crafty, there are a bunch of craft projects where pool noodles are the star.

Here are 29 of them to get you started — we hope you find something you like or are inspired to create your very own project!

Worst case scenario: have a pool noodle fight.

They're very cathartic. Anyway, on with the craft projects!

1. Hotwheels Racetrack

Slice a noodle in half and voila, it becomes a double racecar track! You could also use marbles instead of cars.

2. Lightsabers

Who doesn't love swing pool noodles around and pretending they're swords? Add some tape and decoration and they become laser swords!

3. Hobby Horses

Simply fold one end over and secure with a rubber band to create the horse's head, then add eyeballs, hair, nostrils, and whatever else you think your horse needs.

4. Giant Candles

With a little bit of craft foam for the flame, pool noodles can transform your yard into a candlelit wonderland.

5. Truffula Trees

Whether you're a teacher who's reading The Lorax to your students, a parent decorating your kid's room, or just someone who loves Dr. Seuss, your life will be improved by a Truffula tree (or two) in the corner.

6. Giant Lincoln Logs

Playing with Lincoln logs is fun. But playing with Lincoln logs and then climbing inside your structure? Now, that's a lot more fun.

7. Water Wall

Kids love playing with water. This water wall uses pool noodles as various pipes leading to funnels and cups. The flexibility of the noodles makes it great to play with!

8. Sprinkler

I love how this sprinkler setup is vertical — people can stand all around it to enjoy the fun! All you have to do is poke a bunch of holes in the pool noodle and plug one end!

9. Headboard

If you had told me before today that you could make a headboard out of pool noodles — and that it'd actually look pretty cool — I don't think I would have believed you. But here we are!

10. Flowers in a Vase

The bumpy style pool noodles make the perfect flower shape when sliced! Who knew?

11. Flower Garland

You can also use those flower slices to create a fun garland like this one. How cool would it be to hang this at your next barbecue?

12. Wreath

A pool noodle makes the perfect base for a wreath — form it into a circle and tape it. You can either stick with the summery theme seen here with the lei and flip-flops or decorate it with something else according to your style!

13. Floating Cooler

Secure a pool noodle around all four sides of a plastic container and use it to store your drinks right in the pool. Not only will the water keep them cool; they'll also be within reach as you drift around on your raft.

14. Candle Holders

Cut some pool noodles to size and insert battery powered tea lights. They'll even float in your pool to add some ambiance to your next pool party.

15. Water Balloon Tennis

Form pool noodles into a tennis racket shape and stretch netting over them. Now you can use them to hit a water balloon or ball back and forth!

16. Playhouse

Form a house shape with a lot of pool noodles, then drape a bedsheet over the entire structure to create a playhouse for your kids. The best part is there are no sharp corners or things to bonk your head on.

17. Bathketball Hoop

See what I did there? Create a hoop to play in the bath — you can even use additional pool noodle slices as the "balls."

18. Pom Pom Shooter

All you need for this craft is a pool noodle, tape, and a balloon. And pom poms to shoot, of course. You could also use mini marshmallows!

19. Stamp Art

Dip the ends of sliced pool noodles into some paint and use them to create cool patterns. You could even use fabric paint to decorate a tote bag!

20. Card Holders

It can be hard for little hands to hold a bunch of playing cards. A piece of pool noodle with a slit cut into the side makes it much easier!

21. Door Guard

Keep doors from slamming and prevent smashed fingers! All you have to do is cut a length of a pool noodle and attach it to the door. This may be the easiest project on the list, so if you're feeling crafty but your craft skills are limited this is the one for you!

22. Trampoline Spring Guard

Keep fingers from getting pinched in trampoline springs by covering them up with some pool noodle foam. Brilliant!

23. Giant Pencil

I don't know exactly what you might need a giant pencil for, but a pool noodle is a perfect object!

24. Column

This is seriously impressive. Think of the toga parties you could throw with one of these in the background!

26. Faux Logs

I didn't even realize these were pool noodles at first! They're covered in paper and paint to look more authentic.

26. Witch Legs

Stick some crazy socks on pool noodles, then anchor them in a cauldron. It will look like you've caught your very own witch for Halloween!

27. Pool Raft

One pool noodle (cut in half) and a bit of fabric. That's all you need to create this handy pool chair!

28. Goggle Floaties

Never lose your goggles to the depths of the pool again! Attach some pool noodle foam onto the strap and it will make them float to the surface.

30. Toy Boats

A pool noodle disc makes for the perfect boat base. Just use a straw and a piece of craft foam for the mast and sail. You could also use another straw to blow your little boat around! Share this with someone who loves DIY projects!