Brilliant Crafts You Can Make Using Pool Noodles | 22 Words

Crafts Made Possible by Pool Noodles

By Abi Travis

If you've ever spent time in a pool, you're probably familiar with pool noodles. They're those multicolored styrofoam tubes that you can use to float in the pool. Or you can use them to squirt water at your friends and family members. There are two kinds of people in the world.

But that's not all they're good for!

These ubiquitous foam noodles are actually pretty versatile — just like actual pasta noodles, come to think of it.

Whether you're looking to get some additional use out of some old pool noodles, you found a great deal and bought a bunch of them, or you're just feeling crafty, there are a bunch of craft projects where pool noodles are the star.

Here are 29 of them to get you started — we hope you find something you like or are inspired to create your very own project!