29 Brilliant Food Hacks That Will Make You a Kitchen Genius

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You’re about to take your kitchen skills to the next level. Let’s get started with what may well be the tastiest of these tips…

Never waste a precious drop of your Nutella again. Instead, pour warm milk into the dregs of the jar to create Nutella hot chocolate and happiness…so much happiness.

After all your hard work making a cake, the last thing you want is for it to go stale — or even lose a crumb. Because…well, cake.

Solution? After cutting into a cake, use toothpicks to cover the exposed portion with piece of bread to keep cake nice and soft.

There’s not much worse to a baker than to pull out the brown sugar to find you now have a brown sugar brick.

Put a marshmallow in your brown sugar, though, and it won’t clump or dry out.

Don’t you love fish on the grill? Of course you do, but what you don’t love is fish stuck to the grill.

Place the fillet on a bed of lemons and you won’t be scraping salmon off of the grates.

Why are some things so hard? You want a piece of fruit, not to feel like you’re performing surgery.

Here it’s easy with a couple quick steps.

Oh, you have unripe bananas? — Wait .02 seconds. — Oh, your bananas are rotten?

Wrap banana crowns in plastic wrap and they’ll last 3-4 days longer.

You wanted to make a cake, not go fishing for tiny pieces of egg shells you accidentally got in the bowl.

Get those pesky eggshells out of the bowl with this quick trick.

If you’re one of “those people” who doesn’t eat the whole avocado at once, I don’t trust you, but I’ll also help you out.

Store a cut avocado with onion to keep the brown away.

Fresh herbs go bad so quickly that one day you have parsley and the next day you have green liquid seeping out on the floor.


Instead chop and mix fresh herbs with melted butter or oil, pour into ice cube trays to preserve portions for future meals.