19 Parenting Hacks That Will Turn You into Supermom

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Hey, being a mom isn’t always easy!

Not only are you largely responsible for making sure that your offspring become respectable citizens who treat others with respect, share their toys, and recycle — you often have to do it while covered in spit-up, Cheerios, and/or other kid-related messes.

Luckily, the Internet is here to help.

Whether you’re trying to save money, time, or both, the Internet has all kinds of mom-centric life hacks to make this whole parenting thing just a little bit more manageable. You’ve got a big job. Might as well make it easier however you can!

For starters, here’s a brilliant use for leftover Halloween candy:

Use it to fill Easter eggs! (Of course, that’s assuming you’ve been able to refrain from eating it between Halloween and Easter. If not, no judgment here!)

Here’s a clever craft idea:

This is a great starter sewing project for anyone who bought a sewing machine a few years ago and still hasn’t quite worked up the courage to turn the thing on. You’ve got this!

Should you spend $50 on a water table for your kiddos?

I mean, you totally can if you want to. But if we’re being honest, a water table is just a glorified bucket. Grab a plastic container, fill it up with water from the hose, and pat yourself on the back for being the fun mom.

Toilet paper is expensive!

If you have a little one who just looooooves to unroll toilet paper, a reminder like this one might come in handy. Keep this next tip in mind for your kid’s birthday party!

Why did I not think of this?

Guys. You can get cups from the dollar store. This is the kind of thinking that gets people Nobel prizes.

Protect your sweets!

Sharing is a kind thing to do. But come on. You share everything with your kids. Surely it’s OK to have a secret candy stash, right? Right.

Remember: Boxes are awesome.

How many times have you gotten a brand-new toy for your kids only to have them play with the box? Grab some markers (or stickers for less mess!) and take advantage of their simple desires.

This mom takes gift wrapping to the next level.

She saves the wrapping paper each Christmas to use for next year! Hey, I say do whatever you’ve gotta do!

This mom discovered that water bottles were on sale for 69 cents per pack…

…So, naturally, she bought 120 of them. This next mom is another amazing deal-hound.

The store literally paid her to buy this toothpaste.

Fifteen bucks! AND she got all kinds of rewards points, too! Way to go!

I love this one too:

This mom used a syringe to squirt baby food onto waxed paper and then froze it in order to have some baby snacks on hand. Have I mentioned moms are awesome? ‘Cause moms are totally awesome.

How the tables have turned.

Don’t have a safety lock for your cupboards? Raid the kids’ stash. There’s probably something there that’ll work.

Or raid the first aid kit.

I recommend not using the superhero bandages for this hack, though. We all know how much attention those things (inexplicably) draw.

Here’s a great way to make your sink more kid-friendly:

This way, your kids can easily reach the water, and you don’t have to haul them up to wash their hands. And speaking of handwashing…

Here’s a genius way to curb your kids’ soap enthusiasm:

Hey, I get it. Bubbles are fun. But if you don’t feel like refilling the soap dispenser every three hours, a simple rubber band might come in handy.

If you’re a mom, the dollar store might be your favorite place on Earth:

(And Target, obviously.) This mom organized her entire pantry with bins from the dollar store and paper labels. Brilliant!

Time to retire that spice rack full of spices you never use.

As it turns out, PlayDoh containers fit perfectly into some spice racks. As a bonus, your kids can spin the rack to find the color they want. (And — fingers crossed — they might actually have fun putting the PlayDoh away.)

Stop buying Swiffer sheets!

They’re expensive! And goodness knows you have plenty of orphan socks around the house. Use those instead!

A retired planter makes for an excellent sandbox:

I love that this one is raised so the kid can play with it while standing (and not getting their behind all sandy!). Share this list with a mom who might appreciate some lifehacks!