Brilliant Life Hacks That Will Teach You More Than You Ever Learned in School | 22 Words

Okay, now be honest — how often have you, in your adult life, used anything you learned in Math, Science, or French class? If you said anything more than "zero" and aren't currently employed as an engineer, chemist, or Disneyland Gaston, you're lying.

But it will be better for the next generation. They have Twitter around to teach them the valuable life hacks they'll use on the regular. Whether you're trying to understand how quantum physics works, looking to develop better studying skills, or just straight up struggling to understand what the hell a division symbol is supposed to be, Twitter's got you covered.

And if you're really dedicated to getting better, here's a life hack of our own — create a new Twitter account, like every tweet in this list, and use that list of favs as a digital trapper keeper you can return to whenever you need it. You're welcome.

An econ tip.

Did you know you don't have to spend money on books literally ever? Not to sound like a disaffected gen-Xer at the end of their character arc, but public libraries are really cool.

What we all felt like doing in English class.

It's actually pretty crazy that they even sell cutlery blocks anymore, seeing as how you can just stab anything you hate and instantly make it into a cutlery block.

This should've been taught day one in Home Ec.

Not only would knowing this life hack have made eating Cheetos easier and more fun, but it would've also saved all of our video game controllers from the gross cheese slime they're covered in.

An art class life hack.

If art is all about thinking outside the box to find new ways to express ourselves, why did we only ever do the same four or five watercolor or tessellation projects? Teach us how to use pens in weird ways, art teachers!

All we ever needed from math class.

Here's a secret about the real world: you never have to do math. Never. All you have to do is project an air of knowing about math, and everyone will leave you alone (for fear that you will ask them to do math).

Another art school secret?

Every art student knows the pain of looking at the works of the great masters and feeling inadequate. Well, with this simple trick, you can instantly make at least the eyes part of your drawings as good as theirs.

All you need to know about division.

How many division problems have we done in our lives without understanding what the division symbol meant? And once you master the division symbol, you master division.

The end of all grammar struggles.

If you're confused about when to use "your" and "you're," it's easy to just stop! Granted, using only "you are" will make you sound like either an alien or an aristocrat or Frasier Crane, but any of those are better than sounding like a dummy.

Because working out is exhausting...

My P.E. teacher, Mr. Schafer, tried to motivate us to get excited about exercise by saying, "think of how great you'll feel after it's all done!" What he didn't teach us was that you can just say it's done and it will be done. That's what they call "a lie by omission."

You could say we were left hanging.

Now, I went to art school, so I've displayed my work on gallery walls. Let me tell you, I would have traded every lesson on basic anatomy and color theory to have known this one trick that would've saved me from measuring, again and again, to get my work hung straight.

Sometimes it's good to be indecisive.

What life hack could possibly be more important than this? And to think, you've been going through your life getting maybe half the ice cream you paid for.

They never taught you this in typing class.

What a great hack! Not only does this allow you to buy after-market keyboards without worrying they won't have working feet, but it also frees you up to smash your keyboard when you get angry!

McDonald's fries: even more portable than you though.

Every day at school, I'd use my off-campus lunch hour to go to McDonald's, and not only did I not know this trick, but I also didn't know that eating all that McDonald's was almost certainly a huge factor into why I was so depressed! Thanks so much for teaching me the important stuff, school...

Love 101.

We walked out of high school knowing how to solve for x and conjugate verbs, but this is what we should have been learning — how to fall in love! (Or, more specifically, how to fall in love without putting in any effort.)

Now that's just effective multi-tasking.

I remember a few lessons in high school about what to do after a lemon meringue pie-eating contest, but it certainly wasn't emphasized as much as it could have been.

Now you can teach yourself physics.

The only reason we ever needed a physics professor in the first place is that the subject was so boring. But with this simple trick, you'll want to learn physics on your own — it sounds that cool!

Pizza math is the most important math.

I'm not sure who's responsibility it was to teach us this simple fact in high school, but either the math teacher or the lunch lady really let us all down.

He'd have been an even better pal if he'd taught me this life hack.

How many spelling tests did we have to take throughout the years, when all along, spelling was as simple as making up a clever mnemonic device for each word you had to spell? Man, school really failed us.

The secret to quantum physics.

No one tells you this, but all you need to do to sound like an expert on quantum physics is post the occasional article about, like, alternate dimensions. A few weeks of that, and you'll start getting calls from leading scientific publications asking for your expert opinion.

The economics of eating.

It costs roughly 12.50 per meal to eat (assuming you eat all your meals at Chipotle and get chips and guac, like I do). That means this hack will save you roughly 25 dollars a day.

Much more useful than a birdhouse.

Honestly, this is the only thing we ever really needed to learn in Woodshop — how to quickly take out a splinter. Honestly, Woodshop class should have been no more than 10 minutes long.

A strawberry-flavored game-changer.

Objectively the best-tasting fruit, the only drawback of eating a strawberry is how much effort it takes to cut off the top. With this hack, you can make strawberries the only food you eat for the rest of your life!

A true lesson in social studies.

One thing school never teaches you is how to be an individual, while still fitting into the group. This hack is the kind of lesson that would've actually helped us morning soda-drinking weirdos get ahead in life.

A simple trick to remembering your age.

Now you'll never be caught flat-footed and stammering when you're asked your age ever again. Just do the simple Taylor Swift-based math and answer with confidence.

Oh. My. God.

After all the times I was texting in class, why didn't a single one of my "learned" teachers ever tell me this incredible iPhone hack? I could have been editing all those essays on John Knowles' "A Separate Peace" in my Notes app the whole time!

Health class was a waste of time.

I remember being taught to eat breakfast every morning, and I remember being taught to brush my teeth every day, but I was never — not once — taught that I could do both at once.

A real psychology lesson.

Since Twitter was invented, bottling up feelings became a thing of the past. But did you know you can do all the ego-centric venting you need to without actually following through and posting it? It's true!

They call it "extended corpse pose."

We had an entire yoga unit in P.E. class, and it was long, exhausting, and kind of boring. What they should have taught me to do was to just carry around a yoga mat and take naps whenever I felt tired. Sleeping is an important part of staying healthy too, Mr. Schafer.

Don't get taken advantage of at Starbucks.

How many people do you know with a high school diploma who still order a venti? That just proves that the one thing our schools never taught us was how to not be a sucker.

I get why we wouldn't learn this one.

Art history teachers have to justify their existence somehow. If they let us in on this secret, they wouldn't have anything to do for the rest of the school year. Art History class would be shorter than Woodshop.