19 Brilliant Hacks Every Parent Should Master

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If you’re a parent, you’ve undoubtedly learned a lot about what it takes to raise a human.

Obviously, there are the usual things like feeding and diaper changing and rocking to sleep, but there’s a whole host of other needs that you’re also somehow responsible for.

Like making sure your kid shares their toys and doesn’t randomly bite strangers’ noses and doesn’t go around telling all the kids on the playground what they may or may not know about Santa Claus.

To put it briefly: Parenting is tough!

But it’s not impossible! Luckily, we have the Internet and its treasure trove of great ideas to help make raising tiny humans slightly easier.

No more drips!

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Every parent knows that going out for ice cream cones is a one-way ticket to a slobbery, sticky, drippy mess. But if you cut a hole in a paper plate and insert the cone into that hole, things become much more manageable.

DIY safety locks.

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Have a set of drawers you don’t want your kids getting into? Slide a yardstick through the drawer pulls, and you’re all set.

Parents of boys know exactly what this is for:

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And it’s absolutely brilliant. There’s no better way to cut down on messes than by making every task (and we do mean every task) into a game!

Have an old DVD case laying around?

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Transform it into an on-the-go artist’s station! This would be great for road trips. This next one is a great tip for bathtime.

Use a laundry basket in the bath.

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It keeps your kids from falling over and keeps all their toys well within reach. It’s the most fun anyone has ever had with a laundry basket, guaranteed.

This is thinking ahead.

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The sooner you can reserve their name as their email address, the better! (Make sure to log into it every now and again before you hand it over so that it’s kept active!)

Here’s an unorthodox method for solving arguments:

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Kids won’t stop fighting? It may be time to bring out the Get-Along Shirt. Nothing inspires cooperation quite like the threat of having to spend time wearing the same shirt.

Keep track of meds:

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This is a brilliant way to make sure that medicine is being given correctly. A grid like this is especially handy if multiple parents or caretakers are giving kids their medicine.

Remember what we said about making everything into a game?

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That goes for sweeping, too. Put a tape square on the floor and tell your kids to sweep everything into it. Occupied kiddo and a freshly swept kitchen? It’s a win-win! This next tip keeps things going smoothly all week long.

All you need is six drawers.

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Have your kids pick out their outfits on Sunday night and put them into drawers separated for each weekday (or pick them out and prep the drawers yourself).

Are your kids afraid of monsters?

You can make your own “monster spray” by adding a couple drops of lavender essential oil to water…or just slap a “Monster Spray” label on some Febreeze. Or use just plain water! The label seems to be the most important part, honestly. Give their room a spritz before bedtime and allay their fears.

That’s one way to get your house clean.

Your mileage may vary with this one, but it’s always an option to hold the WiFi password hostage until chores are complete. This mom seems to have thought of everything, what with the specific photo instructions to ensure the picture is not a fake.

Have a bottle making station.

If you’re using bottles to feed your kids, you know that they come with sooo many pieces. Keep it all wrangled in sets of plastic drawers like the one shown here. Then you’ll always know right where to look next time you’re making a bottle.

Grab that glue gun!

Use a glue gun to plug the holes in squeezable bath toys. This keeps them from getting moldy and gross. Next up is a tip that your kids’ teachers will appreciate!

Salty sight words:

Pour some salt into a tray and have your kids write their sight words in it. I also remember my teachers doing the same thing with shaving cream on our desks!

Beat back boredom:

No parent wants to hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored.” This clever sign offers five activities your kids can do whenever they think they’re bored.

Brilliant beach hack!

Use a fitted sheet and four bags or coolers to create your very own sandless beach fort! This looks so cozy!

Keep this in mind for the next 4th of July!

Protect those little hands from sparkler sparks with a plastic cup. This way, everyone gets to enjoy the magic.

Is your home filled with half-full cups of water?

If your house is starting to look more and more like the house from Signs, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Assign each kid a specific cup and glue magnets onto it. When they’re done using it, it goes back on the fridge until the next time (three minutes later) that they’re thirsty. Share this list with a fellow parent!