Brilliant Tattoos That Cover up Scars and Birthmarks

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People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they have a word or a phrase that means something important to them. Maybe there is a specific image that symbolizes something significant in their lives. Maybe they just really like how tattoos look and want some of their own. Whatever the reason, I happen to think tattoos are really cool.

The tattoos that are shared in this list serve at least one function: to cover or celebrate (or both!) scars and birthmarks. Some of these physical scars were self-inflicted and representative of another time in a person’s life. Some of them are the result of surgery or accidents. No matter how the scar got there or how people feel about their birthmarks, it is very empowering to see people take control of the way they feel about their bodies and celebrate themselves in visual form. It really is truly inspiring!

Beamed up

I love this so much! That alien spacecraft is so cute you just know the aliens inside are going to be super friendly.

Sitting on the moon

This dreamy tattoo extends her scar into a crescent moon. What a creative way to incorporate a scar into a tattoo.

Fire-breathing Charmander

If you scroll to the second photo, you can see how Charmander’s fire breath was once an old scar.

Spilled wine glass

I love this because it highlights and celebrates what is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind birthmark.

Circular saw to the leg

What a clever (and sort of violent) way to tattoo around a scar. I hope that’s not actually how he got that scar.

Little lizard

When your scar resembles a lizard skeleton, you find a tattoo artist to finish the job! This is so great.

Baby Darth Vader

First, great use of a scar in a tattoo. Second, I did not know Darth Vader could be so adorable and my mind does not know what to do with this information.

Pretty cello

A 30-year-old scar gets put to use as the neck of a gorgeous cello tattoo. I absolutely love this illustration style.

Carrot scar

Look you can either live your life with a scar that looks like a carrot, or you can commit and actually get a carrot tattoo. The choice is yours.

Cosmos birthmark

Love the addition of twinkly stars and planets to this space-like birthmark. It adds so much!

Hakuna Matata

This is proof that your past doesn’t have to haunt you forever. It’s possible to find color and life (and love for The Lion King) if you just keep going.


This jellyfish is so beautiful and so ethereal it looks real. This isn’t just a scar coverup. It’s a scar transformation.

Stick man

LOL. You have to love it when people can joke and have a sense of humor about their scars. Laughter is life-giving!

Zippered up

What a cool tattoo to commemorate what was surely a life-altering experience. We can all heal, this tattoo seems to say!

Pacman noms

Pacman’s here just nomming on a scar. Perfect for the classic arcade game lover.

Vibrant flower

Look at those brilliant colors! This tattoo is absolutely beautiful and vibrant. It’s art!

Happy face

If you know baseball, you recognize Tommy John surgery scars. But I’ve never seen one transformed into a smiley face before!


This really looks like the skin is being sewn. What an interesting effect. I wonder if this guy is a professional tailor.

C-section scar coverup

I absolutely love these pretty ferns that cover up this woman’s c-section scar. They’re so beautiful!

Uncaged birds

Look at that burst of color! It doesn’t get much more beautiful and arresting than that.

Planetary birthmark

There’s not much to this tattoo, a couple of dots, a few lines… But it creates such an effect!

Paw print

I love any tattoo that celebrates dogs or pets of any kind. And this one, built around a perfectly sized birthmark, is totally unique.

Floating feather

It looks like a watercolor background, but it is actually a birthmark! What a nice way to celebrate your natural beauty.

All abloom

Instead of a reminder of pain and suffering, now this area is a reminder of life and strength and beauty.

Perched bluebird

I love this tattoo so very much! It’s an unusual angle on a bird that you don’t normally see in tattoos, and it makes it look like the bird is about to take off flying.

The holy birthmark

Have a birthmark? Why not make it the literal center of an elaborate mandala tattoo? This is amazing!

Fish bones

I’ve seen several of these on Instagram, and they get me every time! They’re particularly apt for fishermen or fishmongers.

Tattooed nails

This is hilarious! The tattooed nails are also so incredibly realistic that I think they would totally fool me.

A ghost

Well, this is the cutest ghost I have ever seen and the perfect use of this birthmark for a tattoo!


Hilarious. I love when people have a sense of humor. Share this with someone who might want to get a tattoo of their own!