In a monumental moment for the Free Britney movement, some landmark paperwork has been filed in Britney Spears' very public conservatorship case. On Monday, July 26th, Britney's new attorney, former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart, took the first step towards removing Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, from his daughter's conservatorship.

This is the paperwork Free Britney activists have long been pushing for as they believe Jamie's control over Britney's life has been hugely detrimental to the star. The fact that Jamie has such firm control over Britney's finances, in particular, has called into question whether he may have an ulterior motive in his role as conservator.

Since Rosengart took over the case on July 14th, he's wasted no time in advancing Britney's case. The newest filing is a motion to remove Jamie Spears from his conservator position. The filing reads Rosengart's claims that Jamie's removal would be of the greatest benefit to Britney's emotional wellbeing. Britney and Rosengart wish to replace Jamie with accountant Jason Rubin, whom Rosengart called, "a highly qualified, professional fiduciary," according to Hello Giggles.

Rosengart also emphasizes that this filing is not the end of his campaign. He and Britney both wish to continue fighting to end the conservatorship altogether, as per NBC News.

Rosengart references one of his primary reasons for filing the petition as Britney's shockingly low net worth. He believes the fact Jamie had been paying himself a $16,000-per-month compensation for the past decade has depleted Britney's earnings and savings beyond what would be a reasonable amount.

"Indeed, serious questions abound concerning Mr. Spears's potential misconduct, including conflicts of interest, conservatorship abuse, and the evident dissipation of Ms. Spears's fortune, which Mr. Spears has effectively controlled since 2008," Rosengart wrote.

Although Rosengart has not explicitly accused Jamie of conservator abuse, he did accuse the thirteen-year-long conservatorship of being "self-interested or violative of Title 18," which would make it a federal crime. It's believed these issues of abuse are being investigated, but Rosengart has not brought any such accusations to the court at this time.

Britney fans and Free Britney advocates alike have been very excited by this latest legal development. "I am so happy for her. Hopefully, she will find the courage to speak out about the abuse of children in Hollywood. Britney, that is your legacy. Let other children not suffer your experience," one Facebook user wrote. "When she gets through this her current attorney needs to file a lawsuit against her former attorney. I think he committed legal malpractice," another stated.

A final commenter seemed to see Britney's latest move as a signal of hope in a border sense, writing, "I hope this Conservator thing now gets properly looked at in the U.S and reconsidered."

The trial is set to begin on September 29th and with Rosengart at the helm, things look set to be more explosive than we could have ever imagined.