The short video shows us that Britney's not only painting but that she's a painter. | 22 Words

When Britney Spears isn't lighting up the Vegas stage, she's making all our lives a little bit brighter with her beyond genius Instagram account, on which she often posts cute videos with her kids and kinda-bizarre-if-you-think-about-it-too-much motivational quotes like, "Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day." Pretty sure that's not how glitter or breakfast works, but it doesn't matter. It's Britney, bitch.

Now, Britney is a real-life artiste, as evidenced by an Instagram video that shows her painting to her heart's content, dressed in what looks like a "sexy artist" Halloween costume. You just have to see it. You have to see it with your own eyes. It's something, all right.

The video is backed by sprightly classical music and depicts Britney in what can only be described as full-on artist mode.

via: Instagram

She's hard at work painting in the ivy-strewn courtyard of presumably her Las Vegas mansion/villa, as one does. Very relatable content, Britney.

The short video shows us that Britney's not only painting but that she's a painter.

via: Instagram

She's got a whole box of paints and...wait a second. Did she use the top of the box as a palette? How's she gonna close the box? She better use all that paint. Give her a break, guys. Britney may be an artist, but she's a brand new artist.

The first hint of canvas we're able to spot shows some happy-looking flowers.

via: Instagram

Flowers and...swoops? Ah yes, just like the classic Monet, "Lily Pads and Swoops."

Then, just like that, the whole masterpiece is revealed.

via: Instagram

It's unexpected. It's wild. It's bold. It's...strange that she would work on two different paintings on the same easel at the same time? But no one tells Britney what to do. It's Britney. Bitch. (That was the last time, I swear.)

You can watch the whole video here:

And you should. On repeat. As one Instagram commenter wrote, "She's so carefree." Yes, she is. And that's the way Britney should be. As another commenter wrote, "I can't believe Britney Spears invented painting you guys." Yeah, neither can we.