Britney Spears has revealed that she's "scared of her drunk dad Jamie" in a heartbreaking court speech.

Britney appeared in court on again on Wednesday where she made the revelation about fearing her dad.

In an emotional speech in front of the Los Angeles judge, Brenda Penny, she said: "I've always been scared of my dad. I was scared he would show up drunk. I counted and in one week alone, I was abandoned sixty-three times by all of my family members as I sat in the trailer and watched them leave from the window."

Britney went on to list a series of thing taken away from her, saying: "My team took everything from me. They even took my hair vitamins away. That's not abuse, it's f**king cruel. I still can't even drink coffee."

Britney then paused for a short break to compose herself before calling for her father to be removed from the legal arrangement and be charged with "conservatorship abuse".

"I'm not sure how long it takes to get a restraining order but I want to file for abuse and an investigation against my dad," she said. "He knocked down a door and shook my son. My lawyer (Sam Ingham) didn't fight for me. My lawyer did not fight for me one time. I am angry and I will go there."

Britney continued to criticise her father, saying: "I would prefer if Jodi [co-conservator Jodi Montgomery] stays in place and works with me. But not my dad."

Concluding her speech, the thirty-nine year old said: "I want him removed and I want a court-appointed lawyer and I want investigations."

It comes as Britney was granted approval to hire her own lawyer for the case, a request the singer made during her testimony hearing last month. Hollywood lawyer, Mathew S. Rosengart, who is a former federal prosecutor will now be representing Britney.

The next court hearing in Britney's conservatorship case is scheduled for September 29th.