Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 to Drop on February 6th

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Fans of offbeat live-action police procedural sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine can rejoice, as it’s been confirmed that there’s a seventh season in the works. Not only that but we also know when it’s going to drop!

After the series was canceled by Fox after five seasons, many feared it would be the end of the show, but NBC immediately stepped in, releasing a sixth series earlier this year, followed by confirming a seventh in the future. And now it’s been revealed that the new season WILL DROP drop in February 2020.

As we looked back on what makes this hit show so great, we’ve noticed that the incredible cast is high up there. And, over the years, so many famous faces have starred alongside the show’s regulars, you’d be forgiven for forgetting about them. But don’t fear. We’ve got the conclusive list of Brooklyn Nine-Nine guest stars for your scrolling pleasure as well as this all-new date for Season 7.

First hitting our screens in 2013, Brooklyn Nine-Nine quickly gained a cult following.

It tells the story of a younger, less experienced cop finding his feet in Brooklyn’s 99th district, alongside a team of memorable characters.

The writing on the show is often praised for being highly hilarious – plus the stars of the show often exhibit excellent comic timing.

In fact, the series was canceled by Fox after five seasons, citing low viewing figures. Luckily for fans, it was quickly picked up by NBC, where it’s undergone something of a renaissance.

Over the years, some incredibly famous faces have enjoyed cameos in Brooklyn Nine-Nine – and with such a quick turnover, it’s often something of a blink and you’ll miss them. So here’s a definitive reminder of every single one of them.

In the very first episode, way back in 2013, Armisen plays a character called Mlepnos, who lives in a neighboring apartment to a recent murder scene.

The now-mega star plays an at-risk kid named Steven way back in season one of the show, who’s forced to attend a junior police program.

In season three, Clean House host Nash guest-starred in the series as Holt’s melodramatic younger sister, Debbie.

SNL cast member Pedrad played Jake’s half-sister (and casual con artist) Katie Peralta in season five.

The comedian and actor best known for starring in King of Queens played FDNY Fire Marshal Boone for two episodes of the show in season one.

Captain Holt is briefly replaced by Captain Seth Dozerman, played by Hader – although he only lasts for one episode.

via : NBC

Jenny Slate, who’s also starred in Girls and indie movie Obvious Child, played loyal mafia mistress Bianca.

The rapper and producer plays a wrongfully arrested convict called Dustin Whitman in season one.

via : NBC

The hilarious comic played a Homeland Security agent in charge of a counter-terrorism drill named Kendrick back in the show’s second season.

Sandler had a cameo role as himself in the first season, interrupting the auction and being generally obnoxious.

via : NBC

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria played Sophia Perez, a defense attorney, and brief love interest for Jake, on the show’s second season.  

Star of Wet Hot American Summer and web series Burning Love, Marino played another short-lived replacement for Holt, Captain Jason “C.J.” Stentley, in season four.

Taccone, who starred in Lonely Island alongside Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg, plays Fun Zone manager Taylor in series four.

During Holt’s stint in Witness Protection, Rudolph steps in as US Marshall Karen Haas in season four.

via : NBC

Offerman, best known for his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, plays Frederick, a vengeful ex-boyfriend of Holt.

In 2018, Brown played a dentist called Phillip Davidson who was brought in for questioning regarding a murder.

via : NBC

Hanh, famous for television roles in Transparent and movies like Bad Moms, played Eleanor Horstweil, the angry ex-wife of Charles.

via : NBC

Trejo is famous for playing the villain in a huge number of action movies. He played Rosa’s father, named Oscar Diaz.

via : NBC

This Emmy award-winning actor is best known for his role in L.A. Law. He played Victor Santiago, Amy’s dad, in Brooklyn Nine Nine’s fourth season.

via : NBC

The Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star played Sophia’s boss Geoffrey Hoytsman.  

Best known as the unfortunate Gerry on Parks and Recreation, O’Heir played a deeply prejudiced and problematic Florida cop called Sheriff Reynolds.

via : NBC

Haysbert may be best known for starring in those Allstate commercials, but he played collaborative FBI agent Bob Anderson who worked with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, too.

via : NBC

He’s perhaps most instantly recognizable for his role in Dodgeball, but Root made an appearance as Charles’s dad back in series two.

The Get Out actor made a cameo in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Jake’s dad, Roger Peralta, in seasons two and three.

via : NBC

The other half of Jake’s parents? His mom, Karen Peralta, was played by the Sons of Anarchy actress.

The actor who’s best known for his role in Firefly played an actor called Mark Deveraux in the show’s fourth season.

The actress, who’s starred in classic movies like Face/Off and Showgirls, played Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, a corrupt NYPD officer who causes havoc.

The Veep actor plays weekend detective at the Nine-Nine, Lohank, and has cameos in seasons two, three, and four.

The New Girl star plays the same character, Jess, in a crossover episode with Brooklyn Nine-Nine in season four.

via : NBC

The Burn Notice and Raising Hope actor played a ninety-third precinct cop (and personal idol of Jake’s) named Dave Major.

via : NBC

The Mean Girls principal appears as Caleb, Jake’s season five cellmate who’s in prison for cannibalism.

via : NBC

The actor who’s best known as Conan’s sidekick played an angry doorman.

via : NBC

The Workaholics star and musician played Constantine Kane, one of Amy’s exes.

via : NBC

Best known for being a nineties teen heartthrob, Phillippe plays Milton Boyle, Charles’s cousin and the father of Gina’s daughter.

via : NBC

The actor and musician plays Marcus, nephew to Captain Holt, who has a romance with Rosa.

Perhaps best known for his role as Darryl on The Office, Robinson plays master criminal Doug Judy, and has been in every single season at least once.

via : NBC

Another star of The Office (who you may also recognize from The Hangover), Helms played obnoxious United States Postal Inspection Service agent Jack Danger in season two.

via : NBC

The Closer star plays Captain Holt’s rival Madeline Wuntch in seasons two and three.

via : NBC

The comedic actor had a recurring role as a love interest of Rosa’s name Adrian Pimento. Their on-again, off-again relationship comes to an end in season five.

via : NBC

Best known for her titular role in Jane the Virgin, Rodriguez plays potential Rose love-interest Alicia – and could potentially make a return.

via : NBC

He plays ninety-eighth precinct cop Detective Stevie Schillens, who used to be Jake’s partner and BFF.

Now you’re extremely excited, aren’t you? Well, how excited would you be if I told you that there is an unofficial date that people have pieced together via the clues left from Season 6?

Season 6 premiered on Thursday, January 10, 2019. Remember that. According to Den of Geek, that means that Season 7 of the show should be following that pattern too.

They all thought it was going to drop on January 9th, despite a serious lack of confirmation.

Chief executives revealed that the season will consist of thirteen episodes. But don’t be too down-hearted, because they’ve packed a whole load of hilariousness into each episode and I guarantee you’ll be re-watching it over and over again.

In news revealed yesterday by NBC, we learnt that the first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Seven is set to be a massively exciting hour long special. Oh boy!

In the same release by NBC, they announced that Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be dropping on… wait for it…. FEBRUARY 6TH. That is, if you’re in the U.S.

Well to put it bluntly… we don’t know. But it shouldn’t be too much longer afterwards.

But, in the meantime, have a watch of this little video while you wait. The stars of the show reveal some gossip about the upcoming season! That should get you in the mood!