Brooklyn Nine-Nine Premieres Tonight on Its New Network After Being Saved by NBC

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BINGPOT, B99 fans! Our favorite cop-comedy is back for season 6, and we couldn’t be more excited. After the show’s miraculous (and insanely fast) rescue by NBC last year, fans have been waiting patiently for more Nine-Nine shenanigans. So, in recognition of that, we’ve got a list of the greatest hits–so far!

Ready to relive some truly adorable Peraltiago moments? Or experience the greatest of Captain Holt’s zingers yet again? We’ve even included some haunting Hitchcock and Scully misadventures! And of course, the show isn’t just comedy (although it is consistently hilarious). We’ve also seen some important and moving things out of these characters. It’s just more B99 to love!  So here are the Brooklyn Nine-Nine moments so amazing that, honestly, we’re still recovering from them.

Jake Peralta’s interrogation techniques.

Way back in season 1, Jake needed to crack a suspect that he’d arrested too early. His solution? Aggressive guitar-screaming.

Jake and Holt’s tough-guy codenames.

Everybody, step aside. Captain Raymond “Velvet Thunder” Holt is here. (Also, if you recall, Jake’s was Death Blade.)

The many conquests of undercover ‘Straight Holt.’

Whenever Captain Holt pretends to be a straight man, hilarity ensues.

Charles Boyle, the ultimate single lady.

Almost every character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an iconic dancing moment at this point. And this is Charles’s.

Gina Linetti’s unstoppable self-confidence.

Honestly, we could all use a little Gina sometimes. As Gina herself once said, “Isn’t Gina Linetti more of a state of mind?

But also, that one time Gina made a flame-thrower.

Because it’s not a Brooklyn Nine-Nine holiday until someone is setting things on fire.

That Backstreet Boys cold open.

Because even if you haven’t seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’ve seen Jake Peralta leading a chorus of suspects in singing “I Want It That Way”.

When Cheddar escaped.

Something about the gang’s frenzied search for Holt’s beloved dog, cut with snippets of Cheddar leisurely enjoying a day on the town, was just too funny!

When Rosa made a suggestion for Captain Holt’s relationship with his husband.

Holt was grumpy. Kevin was grumpy. Rosa told them to bone. Holt freaked out. (Spoiler alert: it worked.)

That time Boyle got shot in the butt.

Hey, what Charles did for Rosa was super brave! But then they all had to deal with Charles’s butt-wound in the office.

When Gina tried to inspire at-risk youths.

And in the end, she did! Just…not with dance moves.

Rosa Diaz’s unending supply of weaponry.

Rosa is terrifying, and we love her for that.

Rosa’s wild bachelorette party.

The marriage didn’t end up happening, but the bachelorette party was absolutely glorious.

When Peraltiago became REAL.

We all knew it was coming, but seeing it happen at the end of season 2 was still amazing.

Boyle’s terrible word choices.

Each crazy Boyle-ism is more terrible (and funny) than the last.

The dynamic duo that is Hitchcock and Scully.

Not included in the compilation: that time Hitchcock drank his own goldfish.

Yippie kayak, other buckets!

The entire Die Hard parody episode was magical, complete with Boyle’s botched John McClane moment.

Undercover belligerent Terry.

When Terry Jeffords has to pretend to be a criminal and get angry, he gets angry about the real stuff.


You know, just Jake and Holt kissing in order to upset a homophobic cop and escape from jail so that they could capture a mob boss. Your average B99 stuff.

Captain Holt and the ‘Yas, Queen.’

The most dry, deadpan deliveries go to Ray Holt. And this one is honestly legendary.

Amy’s first rule-breaking.

Our smart, tightly-wound Santiago is learning how to be a rebel!

When Jake and Charles found a loophole.

And doesn’t Holt’s face say it all?

When Hitchcock and Sully fight, they fight dirty.

And in the end…neither of them wins!

All of the things Terry loves.

Terry loves yogurt, walls, love, and so much more!

The ongoing ‘title of your sex tape’ joke.

Because Jake Peralta is always ready to title a sex tape, even in his own relationship!

When Jake was Holt’s boss for the day.

And why become your boss’s boss, if not to humiliate them at a child’s birthday party?

Every time Amy is a nerd.

Let’s face it, whenever Amy is on camera, she’s a giant nerd. And she’s the best.

Meeting the in-laws, Amy Santiago style.

Why yes, that is Amy doing a rendition of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for Jake’s parents over dinner.

Rosa’s majestic perm.

When these guys go undercover, they go all the way.

The annual Halloween heist.

We can’t just pick one. The party bus? Pigeons in the ceiling? Jake and Amy’s engagement? Every year brings something special!

The Pontiac Bandit.

Whenever Doug Judy (Jake’s arch-nemesis and sometimes BFF) rolls into town, you know two things will happen. Judy will double-cross Jake somehow, and the two of them will make up ridiculous theme songs for each other.

When Holt officiated a wedding.

Captain Holt officiated Gina’s mother and Charles’s father’s wedding. And the speech that sounded rough in its planning stages turned out to be really beautiful!

The dinner party.

Another iconic B99 image that is forever burned into our brains: Jake, Amy, and Terry, hiding in Captain Holt’s private bathroom with Cheddar the dog.

When Rosa came out as bisexual.

In one of the show’s most touching and impactful story arcs, Rosa Diaz came out as bi to her family and co-workers. Fans fell in love with Rosa’s realistic portrayal of coming out and navigating life as bisexual person–and with Captain Holt’s (a gay man) heartwarming acceptance of her, alongside the rest of the Nine-Nine.

Squad times are good times.

In this instance, we’re referring to the cross-country road trip that took them from California to New York, in airplanes and ambulances and American Creepers. But any time the squad of the Nine-Nine gets together, we’re guaranteed to have a good time!