Build-a-Bear Just Released an ‘Oogie Boogie’ Bear and We’re Obsessed

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Any Nightmare Before Christmas fan needs this in their stocking this year.

Sure, it can be childish – but maybe that’s why they’re so soothing!

Especially in these trying times.

A totally custom, personalized stuffed bear, of course.

There’s one brand that reigns supreme – Build a Bear.

Their new Oogie Woogie bear has the internet feeling excited!

There’s a whole range of Nightmare Before Christmas cuties.

Including this Sally…

As if he’d be forgotten…

Almost too cute for words.

It’s got to be Oogie Boogie.

You can purchase your Oogie Boogie Build-A-Bear on their website here, for $37.00. Want more Build a Bear goodness? Scroll on…