19 Bullet Journaling Techniques That Will Make Your Whole Life Run Smoothly | 22 Words

Tracking important aspects of your life can make it a whole lot easier.

These examples are all shown as bullet journal trackers, but they can easily also be done in different apps, on your phone, in a different planner, etc.

When I first discovered bullet journals, I was so incredibly overwhelmed. It seemed like this whole new language that everyone else knew how to speak that I didn't.

But once I dove in, I found that a bullet journal is...literally whatever you need it to be. Think of it as a planner that can look exactly the best way it should look for your brain to get on board. Additionally, there is a whole lot of weird social media pressure to track things and display the intricacies of your life online. So let me say this: These are all suggestions for things to track that have helped some people. They may work for you. They may seem completely dumb and unnecessary. They may only help you if they look totally different from the picture and exist in an app on your phone. Take from this what works for you, and discard the rest with no guilt. Or just like, look at the pretty pictures and move on. I don't want to tell you how to live your life!

Your to-do list

Personally, I love a to-do list. Crossing things off is so satisfying that I often make the lists so detailed that I can cross off many items for doing one regular-sized task. It's amazing. For me, I love a daily to-do list, but it can work weekly or monthly too.

Your important appointments

Doctor's appointments are often made months in advance with ample time to completely forget that they exist. With a dedicated place for your big appointments, you will never have to rely on those reminder postcards from the doctor's office again.

Your seasonal chores

This is a brilliant-beyond-brilliant idea and I can't believe I've never thought of it until now. Instead of reaching back into the recesses of your brain to try to remember whether you were wearing a bathing suit or a sweater last time you changed the Brita filter, write it down! Amazing.

Friends to keep in touch with

It's easy to feel like we're keeping in touch these days with social media, but rarely are we actually reaching out and having a conversation with the people who mean most to us. Change that with this tracker! The next one is mighty important...

Important dates

God forbid you forget your S.O.'s birthday or your parents' anniversary. With a dedicated space for all the big, important dates in your year, you won't miss them ever again. Simply the act of writing them down will help you remember. I guarantee it.

Your habits

Sticking to a skin care routine or any type of daily routine is super hard. It becomes much easier when you have all these items written out and you're able to color in squares whenever you finish them.

A personal challenge

Maybe you're trying to cut out sugar or maybe you're trying to go the whole day without apologizing unnecessarily. Whatever you want to start or stop doing, tracking your progress is a great way to achieve it.

Your fondest memories

I don't know about you, but once I stop doing something, I totally forget about it if I don't write it down and immortalize it. Your best memories every month deserve a page in your bullet journal, or the notes app on your phone.

Your health problems

No joke, it's so much easier to understand triggers and/or patterns in your health issues when you track them. Whether you have anxiety or migraines or anything, the best thing you can do to understand why it's happening is to track it. Seeing it visually makes all the difference. The next one is also quite important...

Your budget

There are countless cool apps that can help with this too, but budgeting your spending, while it seems like a lot of work, could potentially save you a bunch of stress in the long run.

Your sleep habits

Again, there are many apps that can help with this too, even though I don't know they do it. It must be witchcraft. But the way you're sleeping can affect everything else in your life, so needless to say, it's an important thing to keep track of.

Your goals

Whether they're daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term, writing down your goals and tracking your progress toward achieving those goals will make you so much more likely to actually reach them!

Your mood

Aside from this tracker just being super pretty, it can be really useful to track your mood from day to day. You can see how your mood lines up with all the other things in your life that you achieved or didn't achieve that day (sleep, habits, drinking water, etc.), and then you'll know exactly how you react to certain situations. It's easier to understand all this stuff after the fact when you've had a chance to step back.

The books you read

Or the movies you see! Or the TV shows you want to binge! Save yourself hours of mindlessly scrolling through Netflix by making yourself a list and then banging those babies out! The next one is something we should really all consider...

Your water intake

It's like, so hard to remember to drink water. With a fun tracker, you'll get that 8 glasses a day, no problem!

Your exercise

Speaking of hard to do, exercise. It's the worst. We all know it. But when you get to fill out a fun page after every workout, that might actually make it worth it.

Your period

Again, there's an app for that. But to women and people of any gender who get their period, I tell you a period tracker will save your butt...or, more accurately, your vagina. For real.

Your self-care routine

Self-care is so important, and even though it's been commodified and beaten to death these days, that doesn't mean that you should give it up completely. Making a list of things you like to do for yourself and then doing them should not be pressure-filled. It should help you be nice to yourself, and we all deserve that.

Your day

Maybe you're a journaler. Maybe your not. But writing at least one sentence about your day, about what you felt or did or accomplished or didn't accomplish can make you feel better. Believe me. Share this with someone who might appreciate some advice!