Burger King Changes Its Iconic Logo After 20 Years

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After twenty years, Burger King has officially changed not only its logo, but the BK experience we all know and love.

Here’s the full story…

The fast-food giant has never had the need to revamp its look, or it’s iconic yellow and blue logo for that matter – and why is that?

It has become instantly recognizable by millions.

And, despite many vegans claiming otherwise, our stomachs can’t help but crave one of their famous burgers at the very sight of it.

But this week, the fast-food giant has announced a very belated rebrand.

After twenty years of their undeniably successful logo, the company has evidently decided that it is time for a change.

The entire Burger King branding has been spruced up, meaning the way we experience the restaurant is set to change forever.

As you can see in the picture above, the company has adopted retro, 70s-themed lettering on their food wrappers, as well as quirky new names for their products. A “cheesy bacony” does sound rather tempting…

Jones Knowles Ritchie, the brains behind the stylish rebrand, shared a series of photos of the new uniform, giving designer, Bryce Barnes, a shout out for the collaboration.

A real blast from the past.

Well, it turns out that Burger King has decided to go back to their roots – and people are loving it.

It’s undeniably an incredible piece of work.

On their website, Jones Knowles Ritchie said of the logo: “For Burger King’s first global rebrand in more than two decades, we set out to make the brand feel less synthetic and artificial, and more real, crave-able and tasty.”

“We were inspired by the brand’s original logo and how it has grown to have an iconic place in culture. The new logo pays homage to the brand’s heritage with a refined design that’s confident, simple, and fun.”

As you can see, the company have given their 70s’ logo a modernized comeback.

The new logo cleverly incorporates the B and K initials with a burger all at the same time.

They have truly knocked it out of the park. For more on the fast-food giant, keep scrolling to see what they changed their name to during pride month…