A Burger King employee was shot and killed after a woman complained that her order was taking too long.

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It doesn't take a genius to realize that we have an ongoing issue with gun violence.

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With the easy accessibility of firearms and the ludicrously slack restrictions, pretty much anyone can get their hands on a gun these days.

Our country has been ravaged by horrific mass shootings for decades...

And why is that? Because our government seems to think that it's more important for a person to "have the right to bear arms" than it is to have the right to live safely in their community.

Things are so bad that we even have a "Mass Shooting Tracker."

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When a country needs a website to keep track of its nearly-daily mass shootings, you know things need to change. The Mass Shooting Tracker is a crowd-sourced database of U.S. mass shootings, with the website defining a “mass shooting" as a single outburst of violence in which 4 or more people are shot.

The website keeps track of our country's mass shootings.

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And it has laid out the horrifying statistics plain and clear in a graph that organizes each shooting and fatality by month and year. The numbers speak for themselves and highlight just how dangerous our country has become.

Hell, you can even purchase guns at your local supermarket.

What kind of world is this?

It's time for our government to wake up.

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Because the number of mass shootings across the U.S. in 2019 outpaced the number of days in the year, according to a gun violence research group.

The statistics are harrowing.

On average, 100 people in America are killed by guns every day, while a further 100,000 people are shot every year.

Despite these terrifying statistics, so many Americans still believe the right to bear arms is more important than the right to live...

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But, thankfully, these people are becoming a minority.

Every day, more and more people are standing up against the casual use of guns in our country.

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Across the last few years, thousands upon thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest violence and death caused by firearms.

Too many lives have been lost...

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And more people than ever before are urging the government to make a change to the laws that regulate and allow the sale of guns.

As of yet, President Trump is yet to make any change to these laws...

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But after hearing stories such as this one, we hope he will understand that there needs to be at least some reform of our current laws.

A Burger King employee was shot and killed by a man after another woman's order was taking too long.

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This distressing incident happened in Florida. A woman was waiting for her order but the fast-food restaurant was really busy so she didn't get her order on time.

So she took things to extreme lengths, threatening one of the workers.

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She warned him that she would get "her man" to come and sort out the problem even after she was refunded the money she paid for her order. She left the area and then returned later with her partner.

Kelvis Rodriguez-Torres arrived back on the scene with his girlfriend and demanded that the employee fight him.

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Survelligence footage recovered from the scene showed Torres grabbing the employee, Desmond Armond Joshua, in a headlock and trying to suffocate him.

He then went back to his car to get his gun and uttered these words:

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“You got 2 seconds before I shoot you."

He then shot Joshua and ran back to his vehicle, fleeing the scene.

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And when he got back to his home, he dismantled the murder weapon, before hiding it in an "unknown location."

Joshua was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

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Health professionals couldn't save the fast-food employee, who succumbed to the gun shot wound.

Torres has now been arrested with the following charges:

Authorities have said that the thirty-seven-year-old is being charged with first-degree murder, destruction of evidence, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, authorities said.

But the woman who started the entire thing has not yet been charged.

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But this raises some serious questions about the gun laws in our country. How did a convicted felon manage to get his hands on a weapon, which he used to shoot an innocent employee over a burger and fries?

This news has been devastating.

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Burger King has issued a statement regarding the incident. They said this: “We are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic incident that took place at the Burger King on 7643 E. Colonial Drive and passing of team member Desmond Joshua."

The statement continued:

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“At Burger King, the safety of team members and guests is our top priority. The franchisee who owns and operates the restaurant is fully cooperating with authorities on this matter. Any questions should be directed to local authorities."

We hope the criminals involved all get what they deserve.

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