Footage from 2002 has resurfaced this week that shows the moon-landing hero, Buzz Aldrin, punching a conspiracy theorist square in the face.

It's a thing you truly love to see.

Even Buzz Aldrin reaches the end of his tether, sometimes.

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The legendary astronaut, who is now ninety-years-old, was approached by a crazed conspiracy theorist outside of his hotel back in 2002 and, let's just say, he was not in the mood for a debate.

Things were quick to escalate...

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And, after the theorist incessantly quizzed Aldrin on the legitimacy of his moon landing, tensions quickly boiled over, with Aldrin landing a hard punch right in the face of his aggressor.

Remarkably, the whole incident was captured on-camera...

And this week, nearly 2 decades on, that footage has gone viral, with people not quite believing what they're seeing.

Now, as you will all be aware, the infamous moon landing has long been surrounded by speculation and controversy.

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On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were the first men to successfully travel to and land on the moon.

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

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Armstrong and Aldrin were the first humans to walk the moon's surface and, to this day, their achievement stands as one of the most monumental moments in modern history.

We've all seen the grainy footage of the astronauts floating around the moon's greyish terrain...

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And it was an overwhelming and somewhat emotional moment for Americans far and wide when Armstrong and Aldrin triumphantly planted the Star-Spangled Banner into the surface of the astronomical body.

Well, for most people it was, anyway.

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Over the years, speculation surrounding the moon landing has been growing, with a increasing number of people questioning the validity of the historic event.

And, as these things always do...

The moon landing has spawned many wild and eye-opening conspiracy theories over the years.

For example...

Eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that, in the footage from the landing, the American flag could be seen flapping around in the wind... but if there’s no wind on the moon, how can that be possible? Well, according to EarthSky, the flag isn’t flapping at all. What the footage fails to illustrate is the horizontal rod projecting from the top of the pole designed to hold the flag unfurled. The flag was disturbed as it was planted into the ground, and it kept this bent shape because of the lack of strong gravity on the moon.

Others believed that the landing was fake because of the lack of stars.

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It is frequently pointed out that there are no stars to be seen in the background of the footage from the landing… so where did they go? Well, this is actually a common effect on photographs taken in space, where the contrast between light and dark is extreme. The surface of the moon reflects the strong sunlight and appears very bright in photographs, so bright that it drowns out the relatively dim light from stars in the dark sky.

And we've all heard about the shadow conspiracy theory...

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The shadows of the astronauts and Apollo 11 can be seen from different angles, prompting the question: If the Sun is the only source of light, why do the shadows appear to point in multiple directions? Well, scientists argue that a rough and uneven surface can cause all sorts of shadows at different angles, even with a single light source like the sun.

Some even believe they spotted a "labeled studio prop" in the footage.

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As you can see above, this rock appears to have the letter "C" etched onto it - a common method adopted by filmmakers so stagehands know where to place their props. But scientists argue that the label simply isn’t there. The image of the rock is taken from a much larger shot of the moon’s surface, and if you look at the original image, the marking isn’t there. Interesting...

Others believe the moon landing was faked because the U.S was desperate to "beat Russia to it."

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The era of the Apollo mission was a turning point in aerospace technology, and many nations wanted to be “the first" in the Space Race - several of which Russia won, and the U.S failed. Would we fake an entire moon landing just to shut the Russians up? Yeah, we probably would.

As you can see, there's a whole array of outlandish conspiracy theories out there...

But the theorists themselves can be even crazier.

And this brings us back to our story of Buzz Aldrin and one brave conspiracist.

Old footage of Aldrin coming to blows with a nagging conspiracy theorist has recently gained over 1.4 million views on Twitter.

In the footage, which was filmed outside of a Beverly Hills hotel back in 2002...

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Conspiracy theorist, Bart Sibrel, can be seen following the astronaut with a bible, while repeatedly asking him to "swear on the bible that you landed on the moon."

Aldrin was visibly aggravated by the man's incessant questioning.

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The former astronaut had been ferried to the hotel under the belief he was going to be interviewed for a Japanese TV show - instead, he was ambushed by Sibrel.

Aldrin repeatedly tells Sibrel to "go away"...

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But he persists, eventually calling Aldrin a "coward" and a "liar."

Aldrin looks about ready to snap...

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And, out of nowhere, he swings a punch directly into Sibrel's face.

Just look at the fury.

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Sibrel, who’s produced 4 movies about the landings being a hoax, told the St. Petersburg Times: "I was very surprised that he hit me. I thought it was very foolish of him to do it in front of two video cameras. He has a good punch. It was quick, too. I didn’t see it coming."

Luckily for Aldrin, no charges were pressed as it was clear he had been provoked.

You can watch the full incident unfold above. Want to read more like this? Scroll on for a list of conspiracy theories that will leave you feeling super paranoid...