Cadbury Confirm Chocolate Should be Kept in the Cupboard, Not the Fridge | 22 Words

If there's one universal truth we can all agree on in this complex world, it's that chocolate is good. Show us someone who "doesn't like chocolate," and we'll show you a liar. It's the sweet treat that immediately boosts mood and makes the world seem like a kinder, tastier place.

But this recent revelation from chocolate giant Cadbury's has got the whole world talking this week.

Chocolate really is just the best.

For many, it's more than just a tasty treat. It's something with emotional links, and has actually been proven to stimulate happy chemicals in the brain.

The chocolate making process is somewhat of an art form.

The fact that chocolate is made from beans almost gives it a fairytale quality. There certainly appears to be at least a little bit of magic involved.

Either way, it's very good stuff.

There's nothing quite like a little (or large) bit of chocolate to instantly soothe and cheer. Think of it as a natural (and very cheap) form of therapy.

Some of us think of ourselves as chocolate aficionados.

Perhaps you've cultivated a finely-tuned palate for chocolate over the years. Maybe you just think of yourself as something of a chocolate expert.

If that's the case, working for a chocolate company might be your dream career.

As the old adage goes, if you choose a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life. For chocolate lovers, finding a way to turn their passion into a career could be key.

But there has been a debate that has long ravaged the chocolate community.

Ane people want answers!

Where does chocolate live?

Does it need to be kept cool in the fridge?

Or is the pantry the place?

What is the correct chocolate temperature?

People all around the world feel strongly about the issue.

Even if it is technically just a matter of preference.

It's plagued the community for years.

But it looks as though we might be on the way to an answer.

As those in the know have finally weighed in.

Offering perhaps the closest thing we'll get to a definitive answer.

So, what's the verdict?

Well, according to Cadbury, the pantry is the place.

They offered their opinion on Twitter.

And, needless to say, they got the whole internet talking.

One man, tired with the debate, started to reach out.

He Tweeted the chocolate giant.

And (perhaps surprisingly) they replied!

Someone on the Cadbury PR team is obviously bored ...

Here's what they said.


So, here are the rules.

What do you make of this?

Some people aren't happy.

We told you this was a contentious issue!

It seems many will not be following the new rule.

Hey, each to their own!

Although some are still pretty annoyed!

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