Gwen Berry's national anthem protest last week during the 2021 Olympic trials sparked mass criticism and now, Caitlyn Jenner - one of the greatest U.S. Olympians ever - has had her say.

She is, quite frankly, furious with Berry and has called the hammer thrower's actions straight-up "disgusting."

"Honestly," Jenner said on Newsmax TV, "It's disgusting."

The former Olympian, who's currently running for governor of California, said that Berry should have acted differently.

"I don't like political statements on the podium," Jenner stated, "We shouldn't do that. This is the greatest gathering of people and countries in the world."

"Over 200 countries will be at the Olympic Games. There are 150 something countries in the U.N. and it has such potential for good. Don't destroy it. To be honest with you we don't have a worry in the world that she'll be on the podium there, because she got 3rd there and the other 2 girls ahead of her are just so much better," Jenner said laughing.

"I think that was kind of her last hurrah. Athletes should be in there to run. To represent themselves, their greatness, and their talent and represent their country in a dignified way, I don't like any of that stuff."

Berry herself has said since the protest at the podium that she does not hate her country but believes that the national anthem is "disrespectful" to Black Americans.

"Well, originally we were not even supposed to be on the podium during the singing or the playing of the national anthem. When we were back in the call room, the directions were that we were going to be introduced to the crowd before the anthem was to be played or after it was to be played," Berry explained in a recent interview with Black News Channel.

"No-one made any mention that we were going to be on the podium or had to be on the podium during the singing of the national anthem, I want to make that clear. Those were our directions," she continued.

When asked why the National Anthem makes her feel so uncomfortable, she responded swiftly: "History."

"If you know your history, you'd know the full song of the national anthem. The 3rd paragraph speaks to slaves in America. It is disrespectful and it does not speak for Black Americans, it is obvious."

Berry placed third at the trials in Eugene, Oregon, on Saturday to qualify for her second Olympics, which get underway in Tokyo next month. She then turned away from the flag while "The Star-Spangled Banner" played during the medal ceremony and draped a T-shirt carrying the words "Activist Athlete" over her head.

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