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A cake designer has made something pretty spectacular from gingerbread to mark Home Alone's 30th anniversary...

Now, we all know that Home Alone is one of the best festive movies out there.

Fronted by Macauley Culkin, the movies propelled the child star to Hollywood fame (and ultimately set up his demise too).

The first Home Alone movie was released back in 1990...

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And of course, it instantly became a firm fan-favorite - ultimately spawning so many memorable lines and characters.

The story of young Kevin being forgotten and left behind by his family as they fly to Paris for Christmas is timeless...

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And, though it seems awfully sad that the little boy was forgotten amongst the chaos of packing and trying to make the flight on time, his hilarious antics when taking on the 2 dim-witted robbers - Harry and Marv - totally makes up for it.

Who can forget this iconic moment?

If you don't have a Christmas sweater donning the famous line, what are you doing?

And the number of times Kevin outsmarts the idiotic men trying to break into his house is incredible...

But remember, don't try any of this at home, kids!

The movie has since been well cemented as a Christmas classic...

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And of course, it was inventable that more movies would follow.

2 years after the release of the original movie, a second offering hit screens.

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Set just a year after Kevin was left home alone and had to keep the pesky Harry and Marv at bay, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York was released.

This time, Kevin found himself stranded in the city that never sleeps.

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The sequel saw the original cast reprise their much-loved roles and, despite not receiving as many positive ratings as the original, there was no doubt fans still appreciated the movie.

It's been almost 2 decades since the final installment of Home Alone hit our screens...

And although it remains just as popular, many people are still pondering over the same thing.

How on earth did Kevin get left behind by his family... Twice?!

All parents would like to think they'd never forget one of their children when going away on a trip, not to mention forgetting them twice!

Of course, it's the very unrealistic thing that makes the movies so brilliant...

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And as fans have been rewatching the movies this year during the festive season, they've been spotting something that they've never noticed before.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user has spotted a crucial, but easy-to-miss detail in the movie that explains everything...

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But it turns out that the majority of Home Alone fans noticed this years ago and they can't believe this Twitter user didn't see it earlier!

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Well, even though the Twitter user pointed out that they had watched the movie "a billion times"...

They have only just noticed that Kevin's plane ticket was accidentally thrown in the trash during the pizza debacle, and that’s why no one figured out he was gone earlier at the airport.

And it seems she isn't alone!

This Twitter user also pointed out how they've only just noticed Kevin's plane ticket in the trash.

If you're feeling exactly the same as these Twitter users, here's the clip showing the diabolical moment when Kevin's ticket is thrown away.

You're welcome!

And now something else pretty remarkable about the movie...

It's celebrating its 30th anniversary!

And to mark the event, one cake designer has created something extremely impressive.

They've recreated the Home Alone house using gingerbread.

Award-winning food artist Michelle Wibowo spent more than three-hundred hours working on the masterpiece.

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According to a press release shared with Insider, the edible recreation of the McCallister home was commissioned by Disney+ as the streaming service marks its first Christmas in the UK.

Michelle began designing the house by studying the architecture of the red-brick Colonial home.

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She then sketched, baked, and starting making her recreation for the bottom up.

"I jumped at the chance because it is one of my favorite Christmas movies — it doesn't really feel like Christmas in our house until we have seen it at least twice!"

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She added, "I hope everyone will enjoy spotting iconic details from the movie!"

The detail is so intricate it includes things you wouldn't believe...

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A replica of Kevin McCallister with his face in the snow, just like in the film when he went sledding down the stairs.

A replica "Oh-Kay Plumbing & Heating" van including the exact sign and even phone number.

And even the Wet Bandits themselves can be spotted if you look close enough!

The masterpiece is currently on display at the Oak Centre for Children and Young People at The Royal Marsden in Surrey, in southeast England.

A great display for patients to create festive memories.

You can see the masterpiece here:

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