California Man Has Horrific Racist Meltdown After Black Store Manager Asks Him to Wear Mask

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The shocking footage has emerged of a California man exploding on a racist rant after a black store manager asked him to wear a face mask.

Keep scrolling to see the horrendous video for yourselves…

Since the death of George Floyd, protests for the movement have been happening across the globe in volumes we’ve never seen before.

But George’s death has sparked an outrage like never before.

And they are all marching for one thing: For the blatant racism and injustice in this country to be brought to an end.

But change needs to happen and, at the moment, this seems like the only way to make it happen.

Thanks to these riots, the Black Lives Matter movement is dominating global headlines, and it has completely taken over social media.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been taking to the streets in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

And people are continuing to demand justice.

Amongst the stories of positivity from the protests, there have been some tales with a slightly more sour undertone.

Blatant racism is still happening across our country…

And countless stories of black people being targeted are continuing to emerge.

It all happened last week in California.

And it was all over the customer not wearing a face mask.

And when Harold accuses the customer of calling him the N-word, the man begins shouting, “So what?! You’re stupid I want my cash back!”

And he responds with, “Because you ain’t got a resuit for service!” Disgraceful.

And this is not at all a reason to be rude to staff members… never mind being racist towards them!

And obviously, because of the pandemic, people haven’t been carrying as much cash. Harold explained to the customer he also needed a mask, which is what ultimately resulted in the racist meltdown.

And this is when the customer began demanding that Harold “go get him some water.” Unbelievable!

And Harold admitted that this sadly isn’t the first time he’s experienced racism.

It says a lot that Harold is no longer triggered by racism…

“I’m not surprised by it,” he said, “I’m honestly not even affected by it anymore. But, especially in the time that we’re in right now, it’s just shocking to me that people still go out of their way to implicate themselves when the nation is falling apart for that very reason.”

The racist customer was quickly identified as Greg Baxter. “He’s upset because he was told to wear a mask in a private establishment. He thought it would be ok to go on a racist rant because he wasn’t getting his way. You should give him a call or leave a review for his business on Yelp,” an Instagram page wrote.

And one Instagram user even described him as “an embarrassment to his community.”

“Growing up here as a kid, I had a lot of racist experiences and didn’t realize what was happening, but coming back as an adult, ever since I’ve been back, racist interactions have happened to me at least 2 to 3 times a week in Atascadero,” Harold went on to say.

And we hope that Harold is feeling okay after this terrible encounter.